Tash Sultana’s latest new music is the sunshine we need on all the gloomy days we have had over the last month. Providing a simple, easy to learn tune and a dance number, Tash has released “Pretty Lady,” the first single leading to her second full length album.

Paired with an easy to learn dance, Tash wanted fans to be put to ease listening to her latest song. With people learning dance moves left and right while in quarantine, it was a smart move, to say the least.

Tash Sultana seems to know how play any instrument you can think of, whether it’s guitar, the keyboard, or beat-boxing on the harmonica. Music appears to pour out of her as easily as breathing. Witnessing them live as a one woman show is a once in a lifetime experience, filled with wild dancing, shouting, and each instrument plucked and played on the loop pedal.

Tash has had a very interesting music career over the last few years. After debuting to the world with just a few singles in 2016, she started traveling the world as her hits played in radio stations all around Australia. They played in various festivals for four years straight, turning heads with their hippy, cheerful vibes and pure musical skill, and played in many sold out shows.

Understandably, Tash Sultana’s energy is one to witness in person. Their skills in music drops jaws, and gracing the stages with a contagious onstage presence.

Their debut album, Flow State, features chill and funky beats that set the soul at ease. I have found myself listening to their work for days straight and never bored of any of their songs.

As their tour wrapped up at the end of 2019, Tash announced that they will be wrapping up their career as a solo artist. However, this is only the beginning for the twenty-four year old rock star. They have since found valuable new members for a band as they has been writing their second album.

In an interview with alt-j, upon the release of “Pretty Lady,” the artist said that “everybody plays multiple instruments and sings… There’s a lot of work to be done before it [the album] is ready to be seen by anybody. But when we were jamming the other day, we had some really special moments. It was great.”

“Pretty Lady,” is different than Sultana’s previous work, as it has been said that they are done and over with “the Jungle” phase, and we are looking forward to hearing more from them and what they have yet to offer. The latest single is simple, and was created to be easy to learn, sing along, and to dance along to.

In a dark period of time for the world, Tash has created music that makes life feel a little easier, or at least creates a distraction from our daily lives. You can join in on the fun by creating a video dancing along and posting it online.

So what do you do when you’re releasing a new song, you gotta make a music video, and you can’t leave the house due a global pandemic!? Well I gave some family, friends, and fans all around the world a little preview of the song and asked them to have a little fun and video themselves dancing along. Here’s what they came back with. Would love to see you give it a go too and post it online using the hashtag #prettyladychallenge Stay home and stay safe 🙂

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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