Tove Lo Releases New Song “Borderline”

Tove Lo’s “Borderline” is a catchy pop single that will have you playing it on repeat time and time again. 

Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, who goes by the stage name Tove Lo is a Swedish singer and songwriter. Known for her grungy take on pop music, her music is said to be blunt and honest. Critics have described her music to occupy an intersection in a Venn diagram that consists of synth pop, indie and dance pop. Her style has been compared to peers such as Lorde and Robyn. Her songwriting has been said to be autobiographical.  Alex Panisch of Out called her “the world’s most brutally honest pop star”.

Tove Lo formed the rock band Tremblebee in 2006. However, they would soon disband, which would cause her to pursue a solo career. She would eventually find success with her 2014 debut album, Queen of the Clouds. Since then, she would go on to release four more studio albums, the latest being 2022’s Dirt Femme. 

“Borderline” was co-written with pop artist Dua Lipa. There were rumors that it was even supposed to appear on the British singer’s Future Nostalgia. However, it would later be released by Tove Lo. The song has a fairly simple beat that helps push it forward. The highlights of the song are definitely Tove Lo’s vocals, especially the notes that she hits on the chorus. The chorus is catchy and will definitely get stuck in your head. 

Borderline is a song about being on the edge of love. The drama you cause inside yourself and with another person if you feel insecure

Tove Lo on the song

For more of Tove Lo, be sure to check her music out on Spotify and YouTube! You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook. The singer is currently on tour, for which you can find tickets on their website

Anannya Matin Author
Beef Enthusiast. I do photography and write about movies @bakshe_bondi
Anannya Matin Author
Beef Enthusiast. I do photography and write about movies @bakshe_bondi

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