Top Singles This Week: Favorite New Rap Songs

This week, we’re choosing to highlight the amazing new rap and hip-hop songs that have come out over the past few weeks. These picks are some of my favorite new singles, and almost all of them have entered my daily rotation of music. Keep reading to check out our picks for top singles this week!

“Raps Don’t Move Me” by greenSLLIME and BoatHouse

Chicago rapper greenSLLIME is collaborating with fellow Chicago-based producer BoatHouse on a new project, currently on its way to us through the Closed Sessions label. The first single of the upcoming LP, “Raps Don’t Move Me” was just released, getting everyone excited and ready for their new collaboration. The pair recently performed at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, IL supporting Kipp Stone on March 24th. The new track features a slower beat, letting the listener focus on greenSLLIME’s lyrics. The lyrics have references to Chicago, mentioning Hyde Park, architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and the old Dr. Wax record stores. Check out greenSLLIME’s Twitter and BoatHouse’s Instagram to keep an eye out for album details, hopefully coming soon!

“At It Again” by REASON

Top Dawg Entertainment’s REASON is finally giving us some new music with his new record “At It Again”. This is REASON’s first release since his string of singles in 2022, including hits like “Barely Miss”, “Is What It Is” with JayRock, and “IMPALAS AND HYDRAULICS” with iconic rapper The Game. The new track is produced by Tariq Beats with a video directed by City James. The song features heavy bass and trap beats, reminding me of driving in the city during the summer with my windows down and music blasting. “At It Again” is the first song off an upcoming album, his first album since the 2020 release, New Beginnings. Check out the music video for “At It Again” here, and watch REASON’s Instagram account for album announcements!

“Paper” by defprez

Staying local to Chicago, local rappers Defcee and CRASHprez (better known as defprez) have released the first single off their new album, It’s Always A Time Like This. The new single, “Paper”, is co-produced by mattVISTA and Jamie Breiwick, as well as the third member of defprez, producer knowsthetime. Released on April 14th through Closed Sessions, It’s Always A Time Like This serves as a representation of the friendship between the members of defprez. The trio was formed in 2018 and has since released two full-length albums, the first being Sunday Sessions released in late 2021. The track has a snare heavy beat and a dreamy vibe to it that, perfect for relaxing after a long day. The lyrics tell a story of their respective rap careers, and saying “we’d have done it all for no paper”, explaining they still would’ve rapped even if they weren’t making any money. Check out the new defprez album here!

“That B**** (Remix)” by Fat Westbrook and Cedric St. Louis

If you’re looking for the perfect pregame song, check out “That B**** (Remix)” by Cedric St. Louis and Fat Westbrook. I immediately added this song to my “getting ready” playlist that I listen to when I want to feel more confident! Originally from St. Louis’ This Can’t Be Real EP, the song takes a new perspective with Westbrook’s additions and some new lyrics. This is the third single off the upcoming collaborative EP between Westbrook and St. Louis, Castor and Pollux, due in the spring of 2023. The duo has created the ideal song for partying with your friends, getting ready to go out, or even just strutting alone in your room. If you want to check out more of Cedric St. Louis and Fat Westbrook, you can listen to their previous release “Mike Tyson” here.

“Runner Up” by ARDN

One of my personal favorites this week is “Runner Up” by ARDN. The new track is the second single off ARDN’s EP The Bronze Age, his debut with Capitol Records, though he’s been releasing music under ARDN since 2018. The rising rapper went viral on TikTok in 2022 for his song “Til The Morning” and now boasts over 10 million views and half a million likes. The 23-year-old Canadian rapper says the song is about feeling like he’s being overlooked and not settling for others’ expectations of him. ARDN is fresh off a European tour supporting Isaiah Rashad, though I’m hoping he announces a tour following the release of his upcoming EP. This track is the perfect addition to any gym or workout playlist and has already been added to mine. Check out ARDN’s website for more info and music.

All of these picks are perfect additions to any of your spring playlists, and will be great for summer once the warmer weather finally sticks around! Make sure to check out all of these songs, and watch this space at the same time next week to see our next picks for top singles of the week!

Theatre, communication, and film student based in Chicago, IL!
Theatre, communication, and film student based in Chicago, IL!

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