Top Singles This Week: Beat Your Sunday Scaries

The Sunday scaries suck. Plain and simple. The weekend is pretty much over, so no more fun, and back to work. Monday is right around the corner, and all of the work you were supposed to get done the previous week is haunting you like a ghost. You can’t tell if you embarrassed yourself the night before in front of all of your friends. All of this is a pretty universal experience so luckily, you’re not alone. If you’re looking for some songs to either calm you down or help you get that anxious energy out, check out our picks for the top singles this week down below.

“Oat Milk” by Sydney Rose

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be spending most of your Sunday in bed. Sydney Rose’s “Oat Milk” is the perfect song for laying around all day to combat that negative Sunday energy. Rose’s new single is a slow, delicate love song that mainly utilizes an acoustic guitar, piano, and Rose’s gorgeously soft vocals. Following the release of “Tell Him I Miss Him” in January and Rose’s latest EP, This Kind Of Thing Doesn’t Last, “Oat Milk” fits in perfectly with the rest of her discography. Speaking on the new release, Rose said this is one of the only songs where she writes about something that “isn’t devastatingly sad”, with the song being about love rather than loss. The 19-year-old songwriter was originally discovered through her YouTube and TikTok covers, with her cover of “Turning Page” by Sleeping At Last amassing over 47 million streams. Sydney Rose was named one of PEOPLE Magazine’s Emerging Artists To Watch, and I will definitely be watching to see what she does next. Check out Sydney Rose’s Spotify to listen to more of her music, and keep an eye on her social media accounts for new releases!

“Ribbons” by Ryan Beatty

Ryan Beatty’s new single, “Ribbons”, is the perfect song for just trying to chill out on a Sunday, and maybe even getting out a cry session. The slow ballad is the first single off Beatty’s upcoming album Calico which is set to release on April 28. “Ribbons” starts off slow, with just a piano melody, and has a beautiful breakdown toward the end of the track that adds in strings, drums, and harmony vocals from Beatty. The lyrics tell a story of love and loss, even saying “it’s brave to be nothing to no one at all”, hinting at Beatty’s fear of being alone. The new album was co-produced by Ryan Beatty and Ethan Gruska, and was primarily recorded at the iconic Valentine Recording Studios in Los Angeles. Be sure to pre-save Calico here, and listen to “Bad Habit” at the link above.

“Bad Habit” by Yours Are The Only Ears

If you’re looking for a song perfect for a farmer’s market, grocery shopping, or doing the typical “Sunday reset”, the new single, “Bad Habit” by Yours Are The Only Ears is right up your alley. Yours Are The Only Ears is the musical project of Savannah Cutler, and “Bad Habit” is the last single to be released off of her new album We Know The Sky, released March 24th. The lyrics have a beautiful blend of happy and sad, with Cutler saying the song “details the pain of finding yourself in a romantic situation that you never thought you’d be in and the endurance it takes to leave.” We Know The Sky is Cutler’s second full-length album, with her debut album Knock Hard released five years ago in 2018. My favorite part about Cutler’s new album is that the cover art was actually painted by Cutler herself! Yours Are The Only Ears is definitely an artist to watch, and you can keep up with them on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

“sleeping” by Charlie & Margot

Matteo DeBendetti, also known as Charlie and Margot, has officially released the second single from his debut album Joyride out April 7th. The single, “sleeping”, takes inspiration from artists like Dr. Dog and Jason Isbell, and is produced by Erik Kase Romero who’s previously produced for artists like Lorde and The Front Bottoms. The song starts off as a slower indie track though we see heavy rock influences with the breakdown at the end of the song. The guitar in that section of the record really shows the range that DeBendetti has when it comes to making music. DeBendetti even spoke on what the track is about, saying it’s about “facing up to the idea that sometimes putting your trust in other people can ultimately end up being a bad thing for you” and that he feels it is specific to his experience as a touring musician. I cannot wait to listen to Joyride when it comes out. You can check out “sleeping” and the rest of Charlie and Margot’s releases on their Soundcloud page.

“Hell Is A Teenage Girl” by Hannah Grae

And finally, finishing it off with something to express all of that anger towards the week ahead, we have Hannah Grae’s new song “Hell Is A Teenage Girl”. Following the release of “I Never Say No”, Grae’s new single starts slow with only Grae’s soft vocals and an acoustic guitar, but switches gears halfway through the track, ending with a fantastic rock breakdown that instantly makes you want to headbang. The 20-year-old artist draws songwriting inspiration from icons like Alanis Morissette, Taylor Swift, and Phoebe Bridgers, which is definitely obvious on “Hell Is A Teenage Girl”. A commentary her experience being bullied by other girls at school, Grae unleashed her anger and created a song that any teenage girl can relate to. Grae originally gained popularity for rewriting popular songs from a different perspective, including Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” and Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License”. Hannah Grae is one of Rolling Stone UK’s artists to watch and one of NME’s essential emerging artists. Make sure you check out Hannah Grae’s previous singles, and definitely watch out for more releases on her YouTube or Instagram accounts!

All of these picks are the perfect songs to try and beat those Sunday scaries, whether you’re choosing to cry it out, lay in bed all day, or be productive and start cleaning. Check out all of these new releases and let us know what you think! Also make sure to watch this space next week to find out what our top singles for the week are going to be!

Theatre, communication, and film student based in Chicago, IL!
Theatre, communication, and film student based in Chicago, IL!

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