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On November 5th, 2021, tragedy struck when a massive crowd surge claimed the lives of 10 victims and injured over 300 more people at Travis Scott’s annual Astroworld Concert. As of March 1st, 2022, a court hearing was held discussing issues related to the case. With nearly 500 lawsuits in tow, this hearing is the first time lawyers have had the opportunity to meet in the courthouse.

Starting off, the first round of discussion included the requirement of a gag order issued by state district judge Kristen Hawkins. In her statement at the hearing, Hawkins clarified that lawyers could tell the public about factual matters that happen in court but could not cater their case to the public’s personal bias. Hawkins’s main reasoning behind this action was not to influence the jury pool. The majority of the next day, March 2nd, relayed affairs such as organizing future leadership structures in each attorney team, how proceedings would continue, and disputes over what would be considered evidence.

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Concerns for the ratio of caucasian lawyers representing people of color were also established in the courtroom. In a statement made by Ben Crump, the lawyer representing the family of the deceased nine-year-old, Ezra Blount:

There seems to be not much representation in the court of those African American voices. We really grapple with it. We are concerned about them not having a voice.

Ben Crump

Though Crump’s words were “not gone unnoticed” by Hawkins, the judge stated she was “not going to choose someone’s counsel for them.” Regardless, The attorney for Live Nation, Neal Manne expressed thanks to Crump for overlaying the issue, saying “I agree with him”.

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Overall, the criminal investigation of the Astroworld concert is still being conducted by the Houston police, with The U.S. House Oversight and Reform Committee in December also announcing an investigation of Live Nation’s role in the horrific concert. Houston officials also signified the creation of a new task force that will improve the safety of future large-scale Houston events.

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