This Fall, You Might Hear The New His His Single “In The Wind”

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On November 16th, Canadian singer-songwriter His His released his most recent single, “In The Wind.” Drawing influence from Ben Howard, Sufjan Stevens, and just a tinge of Mac Demarco, His His mixes acoustic guitar and an old drum machine with bouncy electric guitar accents to create a breezy track that is sure to put a listener in a windy mood. That does actually mean something. Think about it.

His His is the project of Aidan Belo, a Toronto-based artist. He “created this project as an outlet after relocating to his family’s hobby farm outside of the city, in an attempt to evoke something rural and honest.” That rural and folksy honesty comes through particularly well on “In The Wind.” The music is an honest amalgam of the acoustic and digital, the lyrics honestly portray what Belo was going through after losing some notes to a breeze coming through his window, and the production is honestly fantastic.

The way Belo mixes his voice, his acoustic guitar, and his electric guitar is beautiful. The use of an old drum machine as the backbone of the track lends a little bit of urban, electrical connectivity. This is the breeziest three minutes you’ll ever have in your life, and I have, as always, linked the track below for you to listen to. Let us know what you think! Be sure to show His His some love!

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