Circa Survive’s A Dream About Love, their brand-new EP, will transport you to a dream you wish was your life. The EP is built beautifully with tracks that according to Anthony Green are about forgiveness, accountability, and representing the sense of starting over. The EP also shows that Circa Survive is stepping out of their trademark sounds and exploring new soundscapes, creating songs weaved with deep emotions and liberating tunes.

“Even Better” is a dark and soothing track with Green’s voice luring us to a state of peace. The acoustic tune compliments the lyrics and Green’s voice. “Gone For Good” is a song that appears to be about someone who’s still not over their failed relationship but finally taking steps to move on. The EP ends with “Sleep Well” this track is about losing a loved one and as a result not being able to love again. The track gives the EP a forlorn ending. Along with the EP, the and also released the visualizer of the track “Sleep Well.” It features a time-lapse footage of the EP art being created by their collaborator Esao Andrews.

The band has already released the EP’s first single “Imposter Syndrome” BrooklynVegan wrote, “[‘Imposter Syndrome’] starts out in more atmospheric, ethereal territory than we usually hear from this band, before turning into a crashing rock song that sounds like trademark Circa Survive,” calling it “a great mix of the old and the new.” Before going to rehab the first track ‘Imposter’ is the last song that Green wrote.  

The EP was released via Rise Records and produced by Will Yip. The EP is the band’s first project since their album which was released in 2017, The Amulet. It debuted at #16 on the Billboard 200. Substream wrote that with the album, “Circa Survive secure a place in modern rock history,” while Alt Press said that “their great, signature mix of progressive rock and 2000s spacey post-hardcore influence[…]results in interesting, exploratory guitars and colourfully decorated atmospheres.” Circa Survive has sold over 785k total consumption albums To date in the U.S alone, Circa Survive has sold over 785k total consumption albums which also includes 214 million streams. 

Over the past three years Green, who is based near Philadelphia, had to face several challenges of his own for survival. In addition to working on tracks for the new record, Green had relapsed on heroin and overdosed. Although he entered rehab even after coming out he attended daily Narcotics Anonymous meetings. However, during the global pandemic, he was deprived of the opportunity forcing him to go back to his life of turmoil.

The band has six full-length records and three EPs and will soon celebrate 17 years of working and creating together. In early 2020, the band had to reschedule their tour to commemorate the tenth anniversary of their groundbreaking 2010 LP Blue Sky Noise. The tour has been scheduled to take place in 2022; however, the tour delays their plans for a new record which will mark a new chapter for the band.

Listen to the EP here and stay tuned for details regarding tours.

Annliya George Subscriber
I am a college freshman majoring in English. I love writing, reading and singing.
Annliya George Subscriber
I am a college freshman majoring in English. I love writing, reading and singing.

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