There’s Always A Bright Tomorrow In Antsy’s ‘So Long’ 

Waiting is an essential virtue in order to live a happy life. Going through it’s process sprouts other equally important lessons such as patience, perseverance and sacrifice to name a few. Sure it could be arduous and anxiety inducing to some. But what’s so beautiful about is it allows us to see our real priorities. While at it, we are constantly faced with the question, “is this needed?”.

This same query echoes loudly in French artist Antsy’s latest song entitled ‘So Long’. Released March 15th in all major streaming platforms the world over. Antsy’s track tackles the meaning of life in context of the waiting game. The roller coaster of emotions and thoughts that come with it. As well as the tough choices that haunt every waking moment.

In a world built around the person he loves, and seeing it slowly crumbling down to the ground due to demons taking over. Antsy is forced to come to grips whether to stay or leave this spot he’s been in for ‘So Long’. If he decides to stick around and give it his final shot, what would happen? Else if walking away is the option chosen what regrets will follow him around?

Alas, as ‘So Long’ progresses we see this resolved before our very eyes. Antsy ultimately chooses to move along and put the love he has left on the shelf. Not because he’s a quitter, but because he’s waken up to the fact that being in a relationship is a two way street. With the other gone forever, what else is there to do? Stand in the pouring rain and remain cold forever? The answer is a resounding “NO!”, “Not anymore!”.

Is this the final chapter? No one knows for sure. But what’s certain is that through Antsy’s rich vocals, addicting instrumental and it’s popping beats we get to see that hope is always present. Even through the darkest of times, a ray of light will always shine right through. It’s up to you to let it in and how you’re going to do that.

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Happy Tuesday folks!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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