Tears Fall Like Rain In Shay Wolf’s ‘Stay’

‘Staying’ is an act of love of and care. Whether that’s for family, friends or a lover it means that you’ll be there for them till the end. Even when the the rain pours and get wet, you would still stand with them. To make yourself available physically and emotionally when needed. A crying shoulder, a cheer leader, adviser and so much more, that’s all included when you utter those words. Tall task yes, but if you genuinely love what you’re doing then it’s not a chore after all. It just flows out of you like water.

There’s a flip side to all this unfortunately. An empty wasteland filled with intense grief and dark skies. That world reveals itself once someone walks out of our lives. Such is the emptiness felt in Canadian artist Shay Wolf’s song entitled ‘Stay’. Released March 9th in major streaming platforms, this is a ballad for the broken heart.

A voice for the hurting, ‘Stay’ is a siren’s tune for those who still yearn for their lover’s return even when destiny has other plans. It’s for people who still don’t want to raise the white flag, and keep the fight going at least even in their dreams. ‘Stay’ is unadulterated pain, regret and longing in music form. Which is then magnified by a hundredth with Shay Wolf’s sweet yet haunting vocals and the heart breaking instrumentals that accompany it.

It’s a tear jerker that leaves you breathless. In that same wave, it also reminds us to express our love with a sense of urgency. If you truly and deeply love them, don’t sit on it and do nothing. Make a move, because tomorrow or later is never guaranteed.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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