There Is Life After Heartbreak In Ela Ozturk’s ‘Healing’

Relationships when done right are beautiful almost comparable to a work of art. Whether they’re the ones we keep with family, friends or even the romantic type they’re all equally heaven on earth. They aren’t prefect by any means, heck they’re far from the fairytales we grew up with. But it’s with that imperfection and still being able to flourish that we experience the real magic of love.

Like day turning to night, relationships as much as it brightens up a life could easily turn dark quickly. From sweet to sour, this change is depicted expertly in Turkish- American singer/songwriter Ela Ozturk’s song ‘Healing’. Released March 24th in all streaming platforms. It’s an intimate portrait of a broken heart in shambles. A heart that’s been ripped out over and over again by a self serving lover who only sees themselves in the picture.

As the tune goes through it’s painful course, we get to see up close the sad state Ela Ozturk is in . Through lyrics such as “I don’t why I crumble when you say you want me back.” and “I don’t know why I come back lie you said you never left.” that picture of sadness enveloping her becomes clearer. This is all brought up to a whole new realm of pain with her emotional vocals and instrumentals that pierce through the soul.

An hourglass that’s run out, this torture and turmoil in the hands of the ‘significant other’ doesn’t last long. This time around we see something promising in the horizon. The cycle of abuse has been broken. The damsel in distress has finally awaken, all by herself with no Prince in sight. Instead of continuing the path of brokenness, the road to self redemption is taken. There’s no turning back now.

Not an end but the beginning. Ela Ozturk’s ‘Healing’ reminds us that in order to fully heal, we first need to acknowledge what’s wrong. From there muster the courage to resist, and gently let go so that we could fly to greener pastures. To a somewhere we can be happy and be our authentic selves because we deserve that.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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