Twenty-two year old rebel and rock star, Yungblud, took his online presence to the next level on March 16th after shows ten different countries were canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Fed up with “just twiddling my thumbs,” an idea to perform on a live-stream platform for free bloomed into a fully-fledged show within the matter of a day, including guest stars Oliver Tree, Bella Thorne, and Machine Gun Kelly. 

The performance easily gives you a live late night show feel– where the young musician performed his top songs, but with no audience. He encouraged those who were watching to get onto their feet in their homes, to go crazy, to dress up, and to show off their “virtual mosh pits.”

Then, walking to a fully lit stage, the show began. As if his audience were there with him, jumping and laughing and shouting, he eagerly grabbed the cameras around them and sang out to his heart’s content. 

Three songs later, Yungblud introduces “the real” Oliver Tree for a cooking show. And in case you didn’t believe him, Oliver reveals that yes, “this is real hair,” as a wig slips off, and underneath lays the classic bowl cut that has become a part of his signature look.

In the cooking show, the two of them banter and include a five step program about how to properly sanitize your hands and face. Oliver, as humorous as always, brings life into a tense situation with direct confrontation and a fearless attitude. He then shows the audience his “famous California special”– hot Cheetos pancakes and mystery smoothie.

Yungblud then took the stage again with his band and thanks his fans for their continued support through his music journey. He showed off his musical talents with an emotional performance of “Casual Sabotage.” This guy is talented and is doing what he can to enjoy what he’s doing, creating and performing music as he struggles through his journey in self-discovery in the spotlight.

Our generation is standing up to something, and we are making it possible in this live broadcast. No matter how we feel trapped in our house, it is okay to have a little fun in our own ways.

After his second round of performance, he introduced Bella Thorne and Machine Gun Kelly. “What do we all do early in the morning? A drinking game!” The three of them sat together drinking Corona, giggling and making jokes until Yungblud hit the stage again. He performed more hit songs, then answered questions from fans.

In this q&a, he goes more into detail about how he came up with the live-stream show, and credits his amazing fans for helping the idea bloom into what it became. “I was just getting so sick of being away from all of you [fans].”

And one last time, Yungblud performed. Easily, this guy has become the next generation of his own version of punk rock; providing a future for the rebel in us all as we struggle and push through our own hardships in life. At the end of the show, Machine Gun Kelly joined him and played. They finished their song together with a rock star flourish, throwing the drum kit, and spraying Lysol all around the stage.

Many may deem the actions in this live-stream inappropriate. However, we all have our ways coping with tough situations. These people chose to release tension with their own weird sense of humor. Instead of waiting around and watching their artistic careers fall apart, they grew tired of it quickly and decided to take action. Whether or not you agree with their actions, I find it admirable that they didn’t just continue to sit around.

To see fan reactions to this live-stream, check out #theyungbludshow hashtag on Instagram.

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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