In the spirit of trying new things and expanding my musical horizons, I have decided to do something a little bit different. Today’s EP comes to us from Italian Hip-Hop artist Andrea Nardo aka Cles. Cles has delivered his most recent batch of music in the form of Piogga (Rain) a 6 song EP which was produced by Rugabeatz at La Maison studios in Milan.

The album begins with a lyrical intro that lasts about a minute or so. I am not sure if this is a quick introduction to the album itself but lyrically and the way it flows it almost feels as if it could be a stand-alone song on its own. I don’t even have to know the actual words being said to realize that Cles has a real talent for rhymes. His words flow together effortlessly and roll off of his tongue with ease.

Up next was Odi ed Amo which in my opinion is the most listenable (by American standards) song on the album. It has a driving beat and causes me to bob my head up and down to the beat without even trying. I have listened to this song on repeat and is probably my favorite song on the album. Next up is the first single CBD which comes with a music video which can be seen below. The song features Drimer who is quite a popular Italian rapper in his own regard.

Stanza d’ hotel is the fourth track and it’s has a downtempo beat with quick and ferocious lyrics. I feel as though this song could be played in clubs all over the world with ease. It has a very danceable sound to it and its also one of my favorite tracks on Pioggia.

Ya Ey (ragazzi) and Andrea mangia polvere round out this 14-minute sampling of music from Cles. Ya Ey somewhat reminds me of Calle13, a Puerto Rican hip hop group from the mid 2000’s. Even though the languages are different it has a similar tone and cadence.

Be sure to check out this album and get connected with Cles:

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