The Summer Love That Sprouts in “June”

Known for silk soft vocals and folk inspired storytelling, Mathias Gundus has unveiled his newest release “June,” based around the theme of a beginning relationship. The single is perfectly timed with the early summer, and has a guitar based production, floating melodies and Gundhus’ truly enjoyable voice.

His first single with Toothfairy, “I Could Love You in Another Life,” placed in Spotify’s New Music Friday and was discovered by those such as Indie Folk Central. When he released his second single, “Wooden Bones,” the tune instantly went into rotation on Norway radio, and was listened to for months. He has since published his debut EP Now Would Be a Good Time and gained top tier reviews, also including thousands of streams on Spotify alone.

Cover art

Beginning with gorgeously comforting acoustics and an equally blissful keyboard, the sweet sound of “June” in it’s instrumentals alone are enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face, whether they are a fan of folk or not. What makes this single truly special, however, is the vocals that Gundus provides, as he speaks softly of a sprouting summer love, and the thoughts that arise when deeply coated in honeymoon happiness. When listening, it’s incredibly easy to tell of how he conducts his voice so carefully, yet at the same time is able to express himself so freely. Instances of both string and wind instruments aid in making beautiful combinations that could have only be composed by a truly knowledgeable artist, cementing the excellence of Gundus’ musical touch. It’s safe to say that “June,” when putting it simply, is all around a good time and is deserving of all the love that us music lovers are able to give it.

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