The Poetic Nature of Kevin Devine in Single “Albatross”

To prepare for his upcoming album Nothing’s Real, So Nothing’s Wrong, Kevin Devine has released a new music video for his single “Albatross.” The album will be releasing on March 25, 2022 with the song “Albatross” included, and is already available for preorder here.

From performing in bands, to performing alone, Devine has been working hard on his craft for two decades. He’s known for being apart of Miracle of 86, The Goddamn Band, and Bad Books, and also toured as a solo artist for periods of time. Today, when looking again at the upcoming Nothing’s Real, So Nothing’s Wrong, the album was written during the peak of pandemic uncertainty, and this is beautifully shown through Devine’s poetic nature and desire to lead his listeners through his personal journey.

“’Albatross’ is a hard reboot, a fragmented emptying-out for us strugglers whose life experience invalidates cookie-cutter solutions or miracle cures or 21st century coping mechanisms. Where do you turn for comfort when the generally-accepted value system and discourse is this degraded and grotesque? Maybe letting go, and then more letting go, of the burden of communicating that for which no suitable words exist, of fumbling at ad-hoc answers to the unanswerable, of investing in a perverse and upside-down reality that encourages you to internalize the need to fix things you didn’t break.”

Sung by Devine and Kayleigh Goldsworthy, everything about the music video to “Albatross” shines in just how pure and homemade it feels. It’s a live performance, swarming with the heartfelt words the song contains, and the comfort of genuineness can easily be felt directly through the screen. With the delicate touch of animated drawings accompanying the lyrics, the video for “Albatross” is an experience of pure bliss.

Take a moment to relax, as the wonders of “Albatross” with other added instrumentals can be listened to alone here:

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