Exclusive Interview: Estella Dawn’s “Salt” Bares Soul to the World

Estella Dawn, New Zealand born, US based pop artist, singer, songwriter, producer and multi instrumentalist, Estella has the skills to not only have a creative vision but to guide that process through to a cohesive, fully formed, song. Her songs are often about empowerment and confidence and span various genres, reflecting the artist’s skill and diverse creative output. She has organically grown her career and following with a consistent release of music that resonate with the personal reflections on life as a mid 20’s woman in a complex, and sometimes overwhelming, world. 

We met with Estella over Zoom to chat about her new single, “Salt,” out today, February 4th, on all listening platforms.

We started out the interview with a quick introduction and asked her about her influences in the industry.

Next, we asked what her favorite part of being in New Zealand is; in all its remote and nature-filled glory.

The creative process has been largely impacted by the sudden shift of 2020; we asked Estella to offer her opinions on how hers changed in that time, and how it shifted her music in the future.

We then asked her how her new single, “Salt” was created and the inspiration behind the process:

“It was definitely through a bad time… we all have our own ways of coping with bad things. Mine for me is writing it all out… and for me when I was in a dark time I just let it all out and it was a really cathartic experience.”

~ Estella Dawn

When you feel like you’ve hit your own personal rock bottom, when you’re frustrated with the world, with yourself, with everybody around you, when it’s hard to feel positive because it feels like life is throwing punch after punch at you and you don’t feel like you have the strength to take it. In the words of artist Estella Dawn, “sometimes you just need to let tears flow and cleanse the things that you can’t control.” 

Stream our full playlist and see what else we chatted about in our interview with Estella Dawn!

“Salt” is now available on all listening platforms! Stream now:

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