The Mind Leading You to Believe You’re “Unlovable”

Following up on their breakout hit “Sex, Drugs, Etc,” Beach Weather returns with their newest and equally as enjoyable single titled “Unlovable.” Such release comes from well-known Beach Weather band members Nick Santino [vocals, guitar], Reeve Powers [bass], and Sean Silverman [guitar/production].

Beach Weather catch a vibe somewhere between the most disparate of extremes. They write hooks melodic enough for the prom king and queen to sing along to, yet introspective enough for even the most introverted wallflower to ponder. Their breezy guitars and sun-soaked choruses barely veil an honest exploration of emotional tumult, anxiety, and loneliness. With various musical experiences under their respective belts, Beach Weather initially formed back in 2015, took a break from 2017-2020, and now, have over 100 million streams on multiple platforms due to TikTok. Beach Weather have everything to thank for the users that implemented their songs in a myriad of ways, touching every facet of culture.

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Beach Weather has built a vocal and instrumental sound that is distinguishable to them in every facet of the word’s definition, and “Unlovable” is not exempt from proving this undeniably true. Beginning with a more acoustic sound, the track delves deep into the anxieties of being the problem of someone else, specifically causing them distress just by your existence. The fear of knowing you may not be valuable, or worth someone else’s time at all is a very real worry that many people experience everyday, and the emotion that comes with distorted and uncontrollable thinking such as this is perfectly encapsulated in Santino’s singing and the lyrics themselves. The upbeat and textured rhythm combined with an expertly pained-sounding vocal performance makes the message incredibly clear, and the song’s overall artistry to be enjoyed even more.

Beach Weather can be found for more on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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