On September 9th, The Knocks released the music video for their song “Sound The Alarm,” which features Rivers Cuomo of Weezer and Royal & The Serpent. The music video shows a typical suburban American cul-de-sac collectively losing their minds at the impending destruction of Earth at the hands of a meteor named Hilda. Meteor Hilda, to be more specific. Where the music video gets a little weird – in a good way – is the fact that all the artists involved are portrayed as child versions of themselves. 

While not entirely obvious as to why this was the creative decision, the child actors chosen to portray their adult counterparts are all pretty spot on in their appearance. I actually thought young Rivers Cuomo was some form of deep fake. It wasn’t until young Royal & The Serpent showed up that it became obvious that they are just really spot-on lookalikes. 

The song itself is a pretty good amalgamation of where each of the three artists are coming from. The production and the instrumental are very Knocks: funky bass, atmospheric synths, and solid drumming and drum programming. Yet even in their own song, they wanted to make sure their guest stars sounded like themselves. Instead of getting two alt-rock and pop-punk vocalists to fit an electronic dance mould, they used their production acumen to bring out the best in their guests. While Rivers has done more pop-leaning stuff recently – think “Running Red Lights” by The Avalanches – this was, as far as I could find, the first collaboration like this Royal & The Serpent has been part of. The Knocks have a habit of doing this, like when they made “Ride Or Die” with Foster The People. It’s pretty cool.

Overall, it’s kind of a funny music video, but the song makes it absolutely worth your time. Check out the music video below, and let us know what you think of all three of these artists!

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