Starting with the release of their newest “Caution”, a teaser to their upcoming album “Imploding The Mirage”, the Killers have brought a breath of fresh air and positivity to the world in these troubling times. The new single is the epitome of the band’s signature indie dance rock with 80’s synth pop sound. It reminds me of the same vibe of the 2006 album “Sam’s Town, which is quite a solid album. The single brings me back to memories of a 16-year girl who just got her first car, which had a broken radio so she could only listen to CD’s if she wanted music, and the very first CD that she ever purchased was The Killers “Direct Hits” album from 2013. Surprise! That girl was me. The Killers have consistently been in my top 5 favorite bands, without wavering, since the very first time that I listened to them, and this single have just reminded me why. This single makes you want to stick your head the window, feeling the wind and sun on your face, yelling out the lyrics of the song right along with it. Throwing caution right out the window, if you will.

Even down to the presentation of this single, The Killers have just knocked it all out of the park. The single was released with cover artwork that I think is some of my favorite that I have seen in quite some time. It’s a timeless classic style, visually pleasing, and looks as if it ties right into the song itself. Additionally, director Sing Lee is making a short film with some of the new music to come. Lee started with this single, releasing the music video 2 days ago, which is to be part of the short film and will be released on Apple Music in the near future.

The Killers had plans to go on tour with their upcoming new album during the summer and fall of this year. In regard to the international Coronavirus situation, this week they announced via Twitter that so far, the tour has not been postponed, but tickets for the show will not be going on sale just yet. With consideration to all of those who have been impacted by the Coronavirus, they also announced that they will be providing a portion of their ticketing income to local organizations who help people whose service industry jobs are impacted by the Coronavirus in each of their tour cities.


Listen to and watch the video for “Caution” below!



Article by Gabrielle Lasater

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