A New Zealand singer-songwriter by way of Istanbul, Dylan Ware has travelled the world and seemingly written about all facets of life, evident especially in his band The Infinity Chamber’s track “Sand Imaginings.” The song is Bob Dylan by way of Paul Simon — a brilliant combination of blunt lyrics and solid acoustic guitar work, wrapped together in an arrangement that comes off as neither pretentious nor heavy-handed. Instead, the track asks listeners to consider their own life and their space in the world — and with its final lyrics of, “Awaken to a dream, dream, dream / Of I am paralysed / And smothered, as it seemed / By my own device / Where memory ends / And imaginings begin / Ain’t that the way,” “Sand Imaginings” truly secures itself in the annals of The Infinity Chamber’s catalogue as:

“A psycho-philosophical folk-rock contemplation couched in a catchy paean to the Cartesian pupation. A smooth guitar solo, and a moog-synth solo; an irregular literary folksy-rock song about ideas.”

Be sure to check out The Infinity Chamber on YouTube, Instagram, Bandcamp, Facebook and SoundCloud.

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  • ZeZe
    2 months ago Reply

    What a nice explanation, what a nice summary 🙂 You conveyed my thoughts with better words. I met the group months ago and immediately fell in love with their music. They are not where they should be, they are definitely very good, one of my favourites.

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