Aftershock Day Three: Our Top Picks of Rising Musicians as they Perform with Re-United My Chemical Romance

One word that has been crossing the lips of many musicians throughout the weekend, in reference to the Aftershock Festival is “iconic.” Day three offered no exception as fans packed in early to witness the packed lineup of rising legends, all the way up to the finale of the night’s headliner, My Chemical Romance.

Here are our top picks of the day’s events!

Lilith Czar – by Steve Thrasher

Lilith Czar offered some beautiful gritty voice that didn’t quit. Fierier than ever, charged with feminine rage and confidence in her own womanhood, her energy was contagious and inspirational to all who listened.

I applaud all of you for being here all day every day. It just shows that you love rock and roll and that it’s still alive and well…

Trash Boat was a highly anticipated one, for us, personally. After the release of their latest album, Don’t You Feel Amazing, we were filled with excitement to witness their energy in person.

During our interview, lead vocalist, Toby, admitted to saving all his energy so he could leave it out all on stage, and he sure did so, moving to the intensity of their music and inspiring fans to be themselves and to love one another.

However you want to project our lyrics, it’s up to you. I wrote this not to be edgy, ot for clout, but because I’m tired… I want to bring these topics to the forefront of the conversation. Don’t seek validation from others…they don’t care about you… I want you to explore, be bold, be respectful, and love one another.

Mothica entered the Coors Light stage with a large cheer from her dedicated fans.

I thought I was actually going to the Renaissance fair, that’s why I dressed like this… But, actually… it’s because Halloween is __ days away.

Her audience conversed with her onstage as she began to break down her story and how she began her journey toward focusing on mental health and healing as she sang anthems that glowed with a healing energy of its own. Each melody was beautifully sung and all the more beautifully written to inspire souls young and old to find a place of peace and healing.

With a vulnerability like hers, she is sure to touch many hearts throughout her career.

Enter Shikari’s loving fanbase waited patiently for the start of their set at the DWPresents stage. Energetic guitars blared in the ears as we were pulled in to not only witness, but be a part of the experience. Fans held the band members up as they leaned into the crowd and sang each lyric word for word.

Yungblud offered an energetically charged set at the Jack Daniels stage. Crowd surfers were led to the barricade with ease and circle pits formed effortlessly and remained throughout the set. Rising in the scene, his energy vividly painted a picture of a person who thoroughly lived and breathed creating music for the “weirdos” who could not only connect but find peace in their work.

Halestorm – by Steve Thrasher

Halestorm joined the Kolas Stage with a roar from the crowd. The guitar lead vocalist Lizzy Hale played harmonized effortlessly with her every word as her voice carried weight generations old with grit and passion.

LS DUNES moved with a frantic rage on the DWPresents stage, animalistic as Anthony Greene sang heavenly notes with ease and flocks of geese flew overhead.

This pandemic project is just about to launch its debut album and excitement is tangible in the crowd to witness the chaos and energy of circa survive and the ultimate post-hardcore power group. Circle pits raged within the crowd as the fast-paced drums and electric guitars charged the movement and the energy behind it.

Papa Roach – by Nathan Zucker

Sacramento area local, Papa Roach, was welcomed with lots of love from his festival family. After joining multiple stages as a guest for multiple performances this weekend, it was now his turn to take the Kolas stage for a full set. Offering an inspirationally gritty performance, he only seems to be getting started on whatever he has to offer next with his unmatched energy.

Never stop, never quit, no matter what anybody says.

Thousands of fans waited patiently on the barricades all day to watch the reunion of the band they grew up listening to but never had been able to see them live in their beginnings.

Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance wrote choke me on the drum kit in red as he joined the stage. Curtain fell at nearly the end of first song. And the crowd continued to pack in tightly; excitement from all day, building and unleashing at last.

A planned pause was made in between songs throughout the first hour of their set as Gerard Way let the security onstage, flashlights scanning for members in the crowd that needed help. In its fullest, we saw the care and kindness that the band had for their fans as they took a moment to ensure everyone was alive and well and helping one another out if they needed it.

What was your favorite performance on day three? Let us know what you think!

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