The Growlers drop music video for new feel-good single “Dream World”

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On June 26th, The Growlers released a music video for their newest feel-good single called “Dream World”. 

“Dream World” carries a notably optimistic tone with a quick paced tune featuring energetic instrumentals. The first thing that caught my attention upon viewing this music video was how the band cleverly worked around the limitations of the Coronavirus. The video opens up with a TV screen advertising some sort of promise of a substitutional new-world romance just a phone call away at“1-800-DREAM-WORLD”. The video then follows lead singer Brooks Neilson and his new lady, who happens to be a lifesize doll, on an adventure galavanting around southern California together. Following the theme of the song, Neilson has found comfort from the world, and seems to not have a care in the world for anything but her as they spend a full, romantic day together forgetting their problems. 

They start and end their day together, eventually landing in bed once the night falls in a highly saturated home where the door is closed behind them and the video ends. Neilson is the only real person in this video, and any representation of other human beings are characters made from lifesize dolls as well. This video and single serves as a very timely reminder to search for and bathe in anything that brings positivity despite the chaotic conditions of the world around us. 

Written by Ana Leonard


Ana Leonard Editor
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Ana Leonard Editor
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