After a short hiatus from music following his father’s death, Bates is back and in full force. Big Black Delta is the solo project of Johnathan Bates, the front man of Mellowdrone and M83 collaborator, and is the catalyst of the upcoming, full color spectrum album, “4”. BBD’s latest single “Canary” is the third single to be released from the upcoming album. So far, each single has had its own tone, genre, and sound whilst still maintain the noticeably unique style that is Johnathan Bates.

Having grown up with synesthesia, a condition in which one sense is simultaneously perceived by one or more additional senses, has made music so much more than just hearing it, but rather seeing it all in bright flashing colors and shapes too. This became more than just the inspiration for the song but for the lyric video of the song as well. Bates recalls even as a kid being able to see crazy colors and shapes as he heard beats. So naturally, now that he is older and has the capability, he has created a song that perfectly reflects the kaleidoscope in his mind. “With headphones, if I could show what I see, you’d get sunburned.”

“Canary” is uniquely its own in the sense that it perfectly conveys exactly what it was meant to. This synth-heavy dark pop track energizes any and all who give it a listen. This song is organized, bridled chaos and is absolutely stimulating. Based off of the first three singles alone, we can’t wait to hear what else Big Black Delta has in store for us with “4”

Written by Gabrielle Lasater

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