Brothers Osborne Sat Themselves Down with Advice for “Younger Me”

Brothers Osborne
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If time travel were a thing, would you visit your youthful self?

After recovering from the shock of seeing your future self, you might be grateful for reassurance that everything was going to be okay. That you’d persevere through so much and reach exactly where you were meant to be. Think about the worrying weight off your shoulders.

That’s exactly the message from Brothers Osborne in their latest single “Younger Me”. They delved into the anxiety that comes not only from life’s unknown road, but taking chances necessary for achieving related goals. To become the person each saw themselves as.

“…Younger me, Way too young to pace a bedroom floor, Always dreamed of kicking down the door, What were you waiting for?…”

-brothers osborne

Cowritten with singer Kendell Marvel, Brothers Osborne would’ve seemingly drawn some significant inspiration from lead vocalist T.J. Osborne coming out in February. Along with Brandy Clark and Brandi Carlile, T.J. has been one of the few openly gay performers in mainstream country. A difficult hurdle also addressed lyrically.

“…Younger me, Hanging out but not quite fitting in, Didn’t know that being different, Really wouldn’t be the end…”

-brothers osborne

And while there were perhaps some regrets in not taking the bull by the horns at times, there was as importantly acceptance that their destiny came true because of the struggle.

“…Youth ain’t wasted on the young, These trips around the sun, I needed every one, To get where I’m standing now, It’s an uphill road to run, Yeah, for my father’s son, Keep it together, It won’t be that way forever…”

-brothers osborne

When coming to grips with our identity, whatever may have held us back, sometimes it’s comforting to remember we’re not alone. Everyone, regardless of how outwardly successful they’ve become, will have doubted themselves. Will have wondered if they were worthy. The difference was determined by raising their risk tolerance.

To hear both T.J.’s vulnerably baritone voice and his brother John’s passionate guitar strumming, hit play on their uplifting, live performance! 

“Younger Me” via Brothers Osborne, EMI Records, & Xfinity

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