American Blues and R&B band, The California Honeydrops, will be celebrating the release of their latest EP this Friday through a free live stream taking place in the Bay Area from the Sweetwater Music Hall. You can reserve a link to the full stream HERE, and be ready at 7:00pm PST to be moving on your feet to dance and sing along.

The band’s start in 2007 shook the subway streets of Oakland and all of the Bay Area as they performed. Folks would stop what they were doing to listen to their catchy beat and add a swing in their step. Over the years, they’ve since gone on tour with big names such as B.B. King, Buddy Guy, and more, and released music that not only inspires cheer, but brings out the old soul in us all.

Since the beginning of quarantine, the band has been regularly streaming live to inspire cheer and happiness in their beloved fans while the world has continued to face crisis this year.

The California Honeydrops has continued to inspire cheer with a new EP to be released just around the corner, and this Friday, they will be streaming live at seven in the evening to celebrate it’s release. This EP, titled “Just One More, and Then Some,” is filled with catchy and soulful rhythms that’ll set the soul at ease.

The title track, “Just One More,” brings us back to the nostalgic old blues with a gentle beat, saxophone, skillfully fingered piano, and emotional and simple vocals that throw us back to the classics, much like the love songs of the past. Many “modern day” love songs lack the substance and emotion of old school rock and roll. “Just One More,” is simply beautiful, as the band sings of the bittersweet in finding a summer love. Summer is warm, but short lived and ends before we are truly ready to leave it. The musicians express this feeling perfectly, where while you want to dance, at the same time you mourn shortness of summer love.

“Pocket Chicken,” is a funny little tune about road tripping, meeting a new love, and fried chicken. The beat is lighthearted and doesn’t take itself too seriously, which makes the song all the sweeter overall. The next tune, “Honey, Sugar,” is a heartfelt love song honoring the likes of Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald with sweet sounds and even sweeter words about the real and deep feelings of true love. “Shack in the Back,” is the final song in the album, and unafraid of being a little naughty.

The California Honeydrops are a skilled group of musicians throwing us back to the beauty of soul, R&B, and the sweet old blues. Their music is so catchy that the energy in their music can be felt in the beating of their feet, plucking of chords, and tapping of drums. The group will get you dancing and singing along no matter where you are.

The new EP, “Just One More, and then Some,” will be bringing on the dance moves to your living room. Many fans are missing the band on tour, but while everyone is at home during quarantine, The California Honeydrops will be ready to swing to their own beats. Join the event tomorrow night by reserving at the link HERE, and be ready to listen to the full EP upon its release on repeat.

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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