After the recent arrival of “Bronx VI” (Cooking Vinyl), the Bronx have released their upcoming debut album’s first single, “White Shadow,” and the minting of the band’s first NFT; a partnership with revered cult punk/hardcore/Dead & Co. graphic designer Jeremy Dean.

“White Shadow” NFT

Known for his work with design studio House Industries, legendary indie rock label Jade Tree Records, extreme sports companies like K2, and a bevy of musicians (St. Vincent and The Rolling Stones mixed with hardcore heroes like Burn and Kid Dynamite), Dean’s digital offering is certainly one to be excited about.

“This is my first (and maybe my only) foray into the NFT world.” Dean states, “Who knows where it will travel first and where it will end up? Thanks to the guys in the Bronx for including me in an exciting adventure.”

Over the Los Angeles-based band’s 19 year career, The Bronx have released five original albums under their original namesake, and three albums under their alter ego, Mariachi El Bronx. As a band with legendary reputations for hard-hitting tracks, the arrival of their new single “White Shadow” and its NFT set the bar high for the album soon to follow. “White Shadow”, as the first in a series of six, with the subsequent art pieces arriving in the lead up to their album release, leaves fans are left on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what is to come.

“Working with so many amazing artists on this record campaign has been a dream come true,” says singer Matt Caughthran. “If we can come together and create something original and exclusive for the vinyl heads, why not do the same for the digital world? Music and art exist beyond all platforms. The NFT revolution is just another excuse for us to make some cool sh*t with our friends.”

Check out “White Shadow”, available now to stream on Spotify, and keep an eye out for forthcoming releases that build up to the Bronx’s debut album!

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