The Battle Rages On In Ways In Waves’ ‘Who In War’ 

‘War’ is never a good thing. Regardless of the ideology/ group you fall in line with or the amount of “preparedness”. It’s inevitable that there will be lives caught in the crossfire most especially the innocent ones. The longer the campaign, the higher the body count and in it’s wake a trail of weeping souls. Sure there will be survivors too, but they too are left with visible and invisible scars that they’ll carry till their last breath.

Lately though, wars aren’t only waged on the battlefield alone. They now happen online as well, thus causing more mayhem than ever before. This trend (for a lack of a better word) and the turmoil of war itself is highlighted in Canadian artist Brian Raine aka Ways In Waves’ latest song ‘Who In War’. Released March 17th in streaming platforms worldwide, this track provides a point of view of someone in the midst of battle. Here they are faced with a choice whether to run or to make a stand.

With the hero in the tune choosing the later, they prop themselves up. But as much there’s that eagerness, there’s also that uncertainty of where this is all going. Despite having already taken the mantle once before as the lyrics would say “I’ll begin my armored life again.”. There’s this foreboding feeling that this might be the last ride hence the words “Can I win? Can I win?”. Filled with fear and apprehension, they head for it anyway – into the night they go.

Ways In Waves’ ‘Who In War’ is dark, yet it’s fresh vocals, instrumentals, beats and rhythms switches things up and brighten the landscape beautifully. As ‘Who In War’ progresses and opens up to us listeners. We are slowly exposed to the reality that our protagonist might have actually made the right decision. Victory might be within their grasp finally. The big question now is till when? What to make of all this aftermath? “Who in war moves on in life without reason?”.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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