The addictive lead single off of JordanxBell’s latest project Bluefield

Hyper-layered, ripe with colorful hooks framing quick-thinking verses that drip with confidence. The beats are a satisfying fusion, retro and modern sound colliding with other smooth and unique riffs, coming together to rival the production of some of the rap genre’s most expert producers. This is “Casamigos”, one of the lead singles off of independent rapper JordanxBell’s third album Bluefield.

Named after the premium tequila company, the song itself is an ode to luxury, enjoying the spoils that follow with becoming self-made, and learning to let go of the past. To bring variety to the contagiously upbeat sound of “Casamigos”, each track on JordanxBell’s new album has a different feel for some impressive variation in genre, mood, and sound. In addition to these often unmatched projects Bell releases to platforms everywhere, he also gives killer live performances at places like the Masquerade in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia and other big venues across the US.

The man behind this rap persona is St. Louis, Missouri-born Jordan Jerrard Bell. After he moved to Atlanta, Georgia a few years ago, he discovered his passion for music and has been making it ever since, with his first release happening in 2016 with his EP Nothing Left. With three full-length albums and a plethora of singles and EPs following, there’s no sign of this up-and-coming artist slowing down anytime soon.

A truly self-made, ambitious artist on the rap scene, Bell also recently released visualizers for his new album, a project that took only two determined friends and his own unique vision to make. Give JordanxBell a follow on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with his burgeoning career, and listen to his song “Casamigos” below!

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