California’s Symba Releases “Never End Up Broke” With New Video

Rap, like many expressive music genres is tricky to master. Most people believe it’s just a beat, some ad-libs, obscure noises, and the voice of someone who can keep with the rhythm, but if one outweighs the other it can become cynical. From its roots, rap showed face in the 1970’s, where two things needed to be involved–rhythm and poetry. As the decades progressed, the genre took on new meanings. Some of the greats like Biggie and 2Pac used the art form to show people they were more than their city, while Kanye, Jay-Z, and Kendrick combined their story with their ability to produce a sound that’s dissonant in its addiction.

Many rappers since then have come and gone as they have fallen short in either convection or sound, but California’s Symba is a force to be reckoned with. The 29 year old Bay Area based artist has been a household name to himself and his friends since the age of 13. Between battling at school and signing/releasing from labels in the 2010’s, Symba knew what he was capable of and didn’t stop until he was heard. His newest single, “Never End Up Broke” produced by Dr. Dre, showcases his intellect and carefully curated lyricism to tell his story. Although being presented to the public now, Symba has been making serious waves in the industry, catching the eyes of Dr. Dre, Lebron James, and Fabolous, who have since co-signed his newest deal with Atlantic Records.

Press Photo For “Never End Up Broke”

Building anticipation for his next full project, Results Take Time, “Never End Up Broke” and its pristine maturity in flow and dynamism makes Symba sound like a well-seasoned rapper and his mantra proves to be the reason. He says “by being consistent with my music, consistent with my message, and touching the people. But what’s more important than the music, to me, is making sure the people who are listening know that I’m just like them. I have the same ups and downs in life as everyone on this planet. I am not any different, I just chose rap as my diary.” Many new artists, once they reach their goal, choose a new muse. Whether that be the struggles that come with the spotlight or a praise to what they’ve achieved, all of it in its glamor is something us regular folk cannot understand.

The cool thing about Symba and “Never End Up Broke” is that he remembers where he came from, where he started, and continues to set himself up for more. With a golden line like, “I remember nights I was too broke to think/This s**t deep, I lost more money than sleep,” it is obvious where his drive comes from and what it will continue to be, as he never wants to relive that life and “never end up broke” again.

Compared to his previous discography Don’t Run From R.AP. it is evident that Symba pulled specs from his collaborators in fluency but birthed a combative yet relative diction that makes you want to listen to what he has to say. As Symba respects all forms of rap, he credits a lot of his talent to not only the legends but, “also respect(s) what the young guys do with the melody as well,” paying homage to successful new artists like Lil Durk. He has a melting pot of inspiration and finds it in every record he touches, letting nothing he’s heard go to waste. It’s hard to come by up and coming rappers that have something worth understanding rather than something just worth a listen, but “Never End Up Broke” is poetically contagious in that way.

Symba is a master of his skill. He is clever, conceptual, and compelling when he takes the mic and has a way with finishing what he’s started regardless of what beat he hops on. His ability to morph his lyrical rolodex into a rapid spew of patterned toned poetry is a tell to what he can do and will do in the future. When artists like this come around, and they don’t come around often, we need to shut up and listen.

Listen to “Never End Up Broke” here, now available on all streaming platforms!

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