Texas King Shines Bright In ‘Whatever You Break’ 

Often times when we hear the word break, we can’t help but have mixed emotions. While that mostly depends on what type of break being talked about (winter break, lunch break etc.). One thing’s bound to happen every time, and that’s capturing our attention. Similar to an alarm, it heightens our senses and fires up all the feels in all directions. Setting up the stage for a potential unforgettable moment.

This same energy is present and multiplied by a hundred with Texas King’s latest song entitled ‘Whatever You Break’. Released last February 17th in all streaming platforms, this is a tune that speaks of a negative type of break – a couple on the verge of separation. An amalgamation of incidents from past and present, it show the audience that there’s this wall dividing both lovers. While one wants to stay and work things out, the other scratches and claws just to get away because they’ve had enough. This is evident in the lines “Whatever you say I’m not believing and it’s not gonna change my mind.”. It’s a cold statement coming from a heart that’s been tattered to piece. But then it’s later followed up by “I’ve been searching for those brighter days.”, meaning there’s still that glimmer of hope somewhere despite the pain.

Overall, Texas King’s ‘Whatever You Break’ is a hauntingly realistic snapshot of how it is to be in a relationship. Sure there will be beautiful memories to be had but in between those are the hardships that will test the resolve of those involved. Much like the track itself, through its amazing vocals, hard hitting instrumentals, and soaring beat. Texas King reminds us to run toward the light and not wallow in despair till we can no longer find a way out.

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Happy March everyone!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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