Oliver Tree and David Guetta Collab on “Here We Go Again”

Oliver Tree and David Guetta join forces to give us “Here We Go Again”. The song sees the two artists contribute their own musical identities into a song that has a nice blend of both ideologies. The song is catchy and has a series of beat drops over its near three-minute runtime, while still managing to remain melodious.

The song is keyboard heavy, with a series of drumlines being faintly heard in the background of the song. The lyrics deal with the cycles in life that people repeatedly go through. As the song continues, its tempo picks up and almost reaches a feverish pitch before allowing the vocals to breathe again.

“I recorded this song in London, so I was channeling some heavy UK and Euro dance inspiration,” Oliver shared. “It only felt right when working with Dr. David Guetta. The lyrics tell a story of the never-ending patterns that we repeat over and over again in our lives. I felt the concept tied nicely into the idea of the dance floor, where people are served one more drop after another… here we go again.”

Oliver Tree is an American singer and comedian. Tree would initially begin to self-release his music before signing a deal with R&S Records in 2011. Oliver Tree has experimented and released various types of music including EDM, dubstep and indie rock. Oliver Tree took a brief hiatus from music in the 2010s to focus on school but has come back to music following getting a degree. Oliver Tree has received commercial and critical acclaim for his music, even getting praised by artists such as Thom Yorke.

David Guetta is a French DJ and music producer. Guetta has enjoyed immense commercial success. Guetta has had over 10 billion streams as well as two Grammy awards and a Billboard Music Award. Guetta is one of the best-known DJs in the world.

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Anannya Matin Author
Beef Enthusiast. I do photography and write about movies @bakshe_bondi
Anannya Matin Author
Beef Enthusiast. I do photography and write about movies @bakshe_bondi

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