Electronic composer Tama Gucci has recently released his latest project Almost Blue (After Hours Deluxe) via Sinderlyn. This brand new EP features remixes of several tracks that were originally found on his wildly praised EP Almost Blue that came out in 2021. Almost Blue was all about transitional stages all while be optimistic with emotions. Tama Gucci collaborated with mixers Autow Nite Superstore, Swami Sound, Phyzical Trax, Indigo Heaven, Peter Fonda and SONNIKU. Each song incorporates and reimagines sounds that have never been done before. He bridges the gap of his Jamaican identity with 90s breakout music.

“The updated tracks on the Almost Blue deluxe are everything I want to play in the club with remixes by my favorite artists right now.”

Tama Gucci on Almost Blue (After Hours Deluxe)

Tama Gucci photographed by Menelik Puryear for V MAN 

Starting of the EP with “Challenge,” which is on the trackless twice with two different remixes. The Autow Nite Superstore remix is more of a softer electro feel. The Phyzical Tax Remix immediately felt like a club track that you pump your fists to. It was very upbeat with more Tama Gucci’s voice being more faded. The Autow Nite Superstore was very voice focused instead of the background while the tax remix was heavy on bass sounds. “Sweater” has Tama Gucci pleading to wear his heart on your sweater. It has more of a chill vibe versus the two challenge remixes.

“I love dance music that is kinda sad but also makes you wanna move so I took the remix in a sort of T.a.T.u meets Kaskade direction. I played around with the vocal pitch and distorted the drums to make it sound warped and clashed nicely with the cold and clean sounding synths.

SONNIKU on “Show Me”

“Show Me” has a sick beat that quickly draws you in with soft lyrics about proving yourself in a relationship. Definitely a song that visually would be so cool to watch the sound come alive. Now, the next song you won’t believe is called “Panties.” Yes, you heard me, “Panties.” Another song more focus on the sound and the different mixes that Tama comes up with. Shows more of his skill on being electronic creator. It flows right into “2 Wrongs” and at first I thought I was listening to the same song. “Panties” flowed so nicely into this song and perfectly aligns these two songs together. Makes it feel like you just get one extra long song filled with electricity. Lastly, Tama created his own version of the famous “Toxic” by the iconic 90s pop-star Britney Spears. Of course nothing will ever top the original but Tama puts his own twist on it and it’s worth listening to.

Check out Almost Blue (After Hours Deluxe) down below!

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ToniAnn Romeo Author
Follow my socials or feel free to tag me if you post my reviews! Insta:toniann_romeo Twitter:toniannromeo_

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