It’s not often that one can say that they’re living their authentic self fully and genuinely, especially when it comes to being in the public eye as a musician. There’s usually some form of compromise that must take place to reconcile a social image so that it is palatable for mass consumption. But every so often, an artist comes around who fearlessly and unabashedly revels in their uniqueness and takes no prisoners with how lascivious they look and act. Brooke Candy is one such artist — and her newest release today, “Flip Phone,” is the embodiment of everything for which she stands.

Brooke Candy has waited three years to release new music, though she certainly hasn’t rested on her laurels in the meantime. Since her self-made debut in 2012, Candy has released an EP, countless singles and a debut LP — all while slowly but surely working through the corporate system to make sure that her sound and vision come across exactly as she wants. Her cohorts include Charli XCX, Grimes, Mykki Blanco and Azealia Banks — all brash, sexually-charged and provocative artists who stand out with their mix of hip-hop, pop and electronica in varying degrees. On “Flip Phone,” Candy continues that proud tradition with a track that also mixes in some well-placed Daft Punk tricks — namely, infectious vocal distortions and solid percussive elements throughout. The song has the vibe of a late 2000’s / early 2010’s club track, and immediately gets the blood pumping in more ways than one.

“Flip Phone” is, above all else, a raw and frantic sex anthem that reiterates its sultry chorus in many different ways, though the message stays the same: “Oh, oh, you can call me on my flip phone / I been waiting for the time when you’re home alone / Ice cold with the lights down low / Do you wanna hit this / I can be your mistress.” The song contains only one other rap verse, full of playfully nasty and lewd lyrics that sound genuinely sexy and seductive. The track is, simply put, viscerally sexual in all the best ways, and shows off Candy’s vocals and flow perfectly. Considering it’s the first new music from Candy in three years and — of her own admission — a slightly new direction for her craft, Candy seems ready to reconcile her classic image with this latest sound:

“It’s funny, I feel like I was very young when I started and I didn’t have a grasp on myself and I couldn’t really control myself. Control is an illusion to an extent, but I was scattered and just wasn’t totally self-aware in this way that I am now. I feel like now that I’m 30, I have a grasp on my life, and I have all of these new amazing blessings in my life that I feel confident that I can achieve things that I’ve never achieved. Achieve greatness, essentially.”

Brooke Candy has been teasing “Flip Phone” and other new singles at recent appearances at WeHo Pride and LadyLand Festival. She has already amassed over 200k views on these performance videos, and shows no signs of slowing down. She plans to release her next studio album, along with more singles, soon. Keep an eye out for more information as it becomes available — and make sure to listen to “Flip Phone,” released today, below!

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