Justus Bennetts Releases ‘Dead Inside’ A Hell-Bent Single

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One year, 200 million streams, and nearly 600k TikTok followers later, the incredibly unshielded yet massively meticulous Justus Bennetts has delivered a wistfully concocted record reminiscent of forgotten struggles. Although amassing a following distant from the ordinary, Bennetts musicality came to fruition during moments we can all relate to–and his newly released single “Dead Inside” strengthens that notion.

Everyone at one point, near or far from today, has been in a liminal space of existence– where you’re not boxed out but you’re not quite settled within the stretch. Although not everyone has experienced an uprooting of their life to the other side of the country, the “outsider” feelings are not farfetched. After finding his home in North Carolina during his teenage years, Bennetts felt inclined to find his place in this world. After searching and settling in a car dealership, his pull towards music only grew stronger until it ripped him away from his day job.

With fleeting success on the back-burner, Bennetts’ music resonated so intimately with his listeners and eventual manager, which in turn projected hits like “Don’t Trip“, “Girls“, and “Cool Kids” through our headphones and into our deepest most, vulnerable scissions. In a conversation about his muse Bennetts revealed, “I just hope people 10 years down the line can still think, ‘Justus makes the most relatable songs, I want to connect with people, and I want people to connect with my music.” And with his current discography connecting him to generations of heartbreak, his newest record “Dead Inside” has only solidified him to resonation.

“Dead Inside” reads like a confessional–a diaristic tell-all of all things deep in the dirt and away from our consciousness, but regularly felt. With a punchy-pop infused introduction the track bleeds with the sounds of the early 2000’s, both yearnful and cinematic. By breaking the tension and separation with playful ad-libs the record becomes conversational and far removed from predictable. Behind the narrative that discusses the draining feelings that accompany love, lust, and loss there is a contrasting tension of zest through the abstraction of perky keys, steady yet lively riffs, and balladry that bites to the core.

“Dead Inside” exceeds the pop-love song concept of what happens when love is lost or love is whole-heartedly present, and instead discusses how being in love can make you lose sight of yourself and your mental health. Bennetts lyricism is both poetic yet easily digestible in that he drops the metaphors for reality. He digs into what we think, how we feel, and what we ignore when that all-consuming love fills our void. It’s clever, addictive, and comical at once– a much needed revelation for today’s generation. Keep streaming “Dead Inside” here, now available on all streaming platforms.

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