On January 13th, Toronto band A Short Walk To Pluto released their new single, “Phantom Lover.” Centered around an incredible riff that is reminiscent of The Black Keys’ “I Got Mine” – just, you know, faster – “Phantom Lover” is a phenomenal track that shows that hard blues rock still has a place in our society. The energy across this track is palpable, and it oozes passion through every facet of the production.

There are mildly dissonant harmonies across this whole track that work phenomenally in the style, particularly when you consider that the title “refers to a lover that is only existent for the duration of a one night stand.” That vocal dissonance coupled with the distortion on the guitars and bass creates a haze with which said lover can sneak in and out of the listener’s life. There are several production decisions that might not work 100%, like the bass coming in at a level in the mix that is not of this earth, but I chalk that up to the overall energy that A Short Walk To Pluto was going for.

“Phantom Lover” has a really phenomenal breakdown before the final guitar solo as well, and every time I listen, it just gets better. The technical mastery of all the performances on this track is apparent. The writing is exquisitely executed for the style. Pretty much everything about this track screams high potential and high talent level, and A Short Walk To Pluto should be incredibly proud of this output.

Check out “Phantom Lover” below, and let us know what you think!

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