Synth-Pop and Heartache in “Mission Impossible” by Borg

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If you’ve ever felt indecisive about a relationship, you need to give Borg‘s latest release a listen because I guarantee you will be able to relate to it. In “Mission Impossible”, Borg combines hauntingly beautiful vocals with lyrics of heartache over an airy synth-pop beat.

She sets the tone of indecisiveness early in the song – actually within her first few lines. She’s singing to someone she’s been with for “6 good years” and to the average person, 6 years is a lot of time to be with someone, yet she goes on to tell this person to “get out before you love me too deep.” She follows up shortly after with leaving a decision of whether to stay or go to a coin flip. I mean, if that doesn’t scream indecisiveness, then I don’t know what would.

Throughout the rest of the song, she’s brutally honest and tells her partner “to get me to love you is like a mission impossible.” It doesn’t seem like this is the first time she’s experienced these feelings in a relationship before – she even brings up her ex to exemplify that she’s been through this cycle. But she is trying hard to change by putting herself aside for the relationship, and she does actually ask her partner not to leave her, despite her messaging throughout the rest of the song.

This song speaks to the very real, raw, and sometimes heartbreaking nature of relationships. Relationships aren’t always cut and dry. They can get messy and people can become indecisive (or more decisive) over time, and sometimes you might think the grass is greener on the other side. And there’s nothing wrong with any of those feelings, even if they might not logically make sense, so I really appreciate the exploration of uncertainty in this song.

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