“Anger & Grace (Acoustic)” single art

Though many things have changed since the Vietnam War-era, one aspect that hasn’t is the need to make social commentary on the state of the world. Music may not always be as obviously confrontational or serve as a protest to the ills of the day, but the idea of making a comment about what’s going on in daily society have never gone away, especially when society — as it did back in the 60’s and 70’s — grows more and more divided. Now, Oregon-based band My Brothers And I have released a new acoustic version of their single, “Anger & Grace,” to gently pursue the same topics that the best musicians did decades before.

My Brothers And I, true to their name, are comprised of the Wurgler brothers Erik, David, Scott and childhood friend Jordan Roach. Also symbolic of their identity, they are a very cohesive, concrete indie-pop act, well in tune with one another musically and emotionally. With the acoustic version of “Anger & Grace” — the original of which is their first single as an independent artist — My Brothers And I explore the ways in which society is quick to judge and get angry over any given issue, and how it might behoove individuals to instead pursue grace as a way forward. With lyrics like, “Your mistakes, they don’t define you / You’re not running out of time to / Say what’s on your mind / And leave it all behind,” and a bridge that admits, “You’ve gotta know it / That we’re all broken, yeah / Anger is defeating / But grace is healing,” My Brothers And I prove they are wise beyond their years.

Musically, the acoustic version of “Anger & Grace” takes a softer, yet more nuanced approach to the track’s topic. While the original uses a mix of acoustic and electric instruments alongside heavy bass and pounding drums, the acoustic leans much more into the lyrical aspects of the song, with a lilting, almost pleading effect. Though both versions are positive, major-key songs, the words are given more headiness on the acoustic take — listeners are given much more opportunity to let the words sink in. Add to the production top-notch musicality and wonderful vocals, and it’s no wonder that My Brothers And I chose to create this version of their latest song. As Erik Wurgler explains:

“This song explores an ever-relevant topic of choosing grace over anger. Whether it be serious relationship struggles with legitimate hurt and pain, or a social media spat or differing political views, it is important to be gracious with our fellow brothers and sisters … This acoustic version took on a whole new vibe compared to the original. In the past, we have just played a song acoustically and stripped things down, but this acoustic version is almost like a remix in the sense that it’s reimagined … This ‘Anger & Grace’ has a softer approach that reflects the theme of grace in the lyrics.”

With this new version of “Anger & Grace,” My Brothers And I prove that it’s possible to make an optimistic song that still packs a lyrical punch — and hopefully can make even one person treat someone else with a little less anger and a whole lot more grace.

My Brothers And I released their second album, LOVE IS, via Expunged Records in May of last year, and have amassed over 15 million streams on Spotify since their musical ventures began in 2015. They have recently gone independent and continue to make music that fits their unique indie-pop style and soulful sound. You can listen to the acoustic version of “Anger & Grace,” which released today, below!

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