SWAYLÓ Brings Listeners on a Sonic Journey Through a Natural Soundscape in “Ascension”

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The first full moon of 2021 is tonight, called the Full Wolf Moon, and with it comes new possibilities and beginnings. And that is why house DJ and producer SWAYLÓ chose to release his newest single, “Ascension,” today. The track was written and produced with the intention of honoring this transformation time in history. SWAYLÓ believes “we are leaving behind our old paradigms and the negative ways moving in the direction of a brighter future” and this transformation equates to Ascension, hence the title of the track.

SWAYLÓ is a movement and a mission-driven initiative, built for seekers, dreamers, creators, and adventurers. Every aspect of the experience is rooted in ancient tradition and is a symbolic expression of art, connection, and ritual, all rooted in the artist’s backgrounds – New Mexican, Mexico, and South African. He fosters universality, oneness, and liberation through the power of music and experiential activations.

His music is designed to take listeners on a sonic journey around the globe while representing elements of tech house, deep house, tribal rhythms, trap, and organic instrumentation. He draws his sounds from the folk music of Africa, the Middle East, The Tropics, Far East India, Brazil, the Southeast, and Latin America to help spread the word that nature is magical. He takes listeners on an auditory adventure into the underworld, through a dream state, and back to their center. The result is medicinal music that is designed to purify, regenerate, and heal.

“Ascension” seeks to bring listeners on a journey out of being stuck in old ways and into a new place that fosters pure connections between ourselves and with nature. The vibrant soundscape draws on many sounds from nature to create a tropical environment that immediately draws listeners into this lush and majestic world. It’s hard not to feel connected with nature amongst the beating drums, bird trills, magnetic vocals, and rushing synths. As the whispery vocals repeat “I am you, you are me, we are one,” you are swept into this adventure, this experience, to become more connected. The driving rhythm ushers in new waves of tranquility and understanding, spreading the optimistic message in an encouraging manner.

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Elena Lin Administrator
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