Surprise, Suprise Shrillex Release Second Album of the Year

Following the release of his album, Quest for Fire, American DJ and record producer, Skrillex, surprised fans with the announcement of his second album, Don’t Get Too Close, on Feb 18 at his Madison Square Garden performance.

Skrillex’s Madison Square Garden Performance taken by Marilyn Hue

The twelve-track album starts off with the track, “Don’t Leave Me Like This,” featuring rapper Bobby Raps. This track is simple yet innovative. Only a minute and forty-two seconds long this track uses vocals and echoes of those vocals to create a new sound. The echoes of vocals and the soft instrumentals in the back imitate crystal droplets. The lyrics of this song repeat which emphasizes the message of looking for safety through tough moments. 

Next up on this surprise album is “Way Back” featuring PinkPantheress and Trippie Redd. This track completely contrasts with the track that comes before it, bringing a new upbeat and unique sound. PinkPantheress adds a light and hyper-pop sound while Trippie Redd contributes an alternative rock sound. This duo draws listeners in for a fun ride through the track.

Giving listeners a house music and dancehall mix, the next track, “Selecta” featuring Jamaican-American rapper, BEAM is sure to keep listeners on their feet. This is an intimate track about choosing the person that makes you feel complete. “Selecta” is sure to keep you moving. 

Following the similar house music ambience comes “Ceremony” featuring Swedish rappers, Bladee and Yung Lean. The soft vocals over the steady beat this track shares the message that nothing lasts forever so enjoy life in the moment. All in all this is a track about enjoying all the like. 

“D-d-d-d-dice it, d-d-d-d-dice it/ d-d-d-d-dice it (it’s been real), d-d-d-d-dice it (it’s been too real)/ W-w-w-w-w-what I got now won’t be here again”

Lyrics from “Ceremony” by Skrillex, Bladee, and Yung Lean

Bladee and Shrillex are back at it to create an EDM and dubstep mix on the next track, “Real Spring.” This track opens with instrumentals that almost sound like wind chimes and the lyrics that follow provide a beautiful message. This is a track about blossoming into your own person and relearning yourself. 

We’re adding “Summertime” featuring Kid Cudi to our summer playlist, what about you? This track embodies the lightness and warmth of a summer romance. This track is one of the shorter tracks on Don’t Get Too Close, yet it continues to stand out. Like the track itself, summer flings are fast yet monumental and leave you thinking about it all–the good and the bad.”Summertime” perfectly embodies this experience. 

R&B and pop artist, Corbin and rapper Chief Keef collaborated with Skrillex on the track, “Bad for You.” Don’t let the upbeat and catchy track fool you, this track is all about toxic relationships–calling out the love bombers and the gold diggers alike. 

“Baby you’re bad for my health/Baby you’re bad for my wealth (wealth)/ Baby you’re bad for yourself.”

Lyrics from “Bad for You” by Skrillex, Corbin, and Chief Keef

Riding the beat into the next track, 16-year old artist, Prentiss and alternative rock artist, Anthony Green work together to create the smooth track, “3am.” With a somber beat and mellow lyrics, the track provides the ambience of a late night drive. The soft vocals and synthesized instrumentals add to the somber mood and follows the message of missing someone deeply. 

“Don’t Go” introduces us to the trio we didn’t know we needed: Justin Bieber, Don Toliver, and Skrillex. This is a track that shows a deep love for a partner so much that you want to be with them forever. The repetition of the lyrics, “don’t go,” drives that message home to listeners.

Taking a softer and a more mellow approach, the titled track, “Don’t Get Too Close” featuring Bibi Bourelly is up next. This track is a lot more personal and deep than the rest of the songs on the album. In the beginning of the track Skrillex has listeners sit with only the instrumentals setting the tone for the lyrics to come. When the lyrics do come, they come slowly letting listeners take each word in. 

Swae Lee and Skrillex come together on the track, “Mixed Signals.” Opening up this track is synthesized beats and Swae Lee’s voice starts off slow and soft. As the song progresses, the tempo increases and it keeps an upbeat tone however, the song itself has a sad message as its title suggests. This is no doubt a crafty yet planned move by Skrillex to emphasize the feeling of mixed signals. 

Bourelly comes back with a more positive attitude on the last track, “Painting Rainbows,” wrapping up Don’t Get Too Close. With some dancehall beats this track is meant to emphasize an uplifting message. Bourelly tells listeners:

“We’re still here b*tch / Look we’re alive /…You can do anything you want in this life”

Lyrics from “Painting Rainbows” by Skrillex and Bibi Bourelly

Each track on Don’t Get Too Close has shown Skrillex incredible skill of creating tracks that are both personal and relatable. We’d love to hear what you think about the album in the comments below!

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Alexis Badger is a recent college graduate from Georgia Southern University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Linguistics and Multimedia Journalism. She has a passion for writing through creative avenues. For more about Alexis, visit her LinkedIn below.
Alexis Badger is a recent college graduate from Georgia Southern University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Linguistics and Multimedia Journalism. She has a passion for writing through creative avenues. For more about Alexis, visit her LinkedIn below.

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