Surf Curse Releases “Lost Honor” In Anticipation Of Sonic Styled ‘Magic Hour’

In anticipation of their fourth LP, Magic Hour, the LA-based, RIAA platinum certified indie-surf-rock fusion, has released “Lost Honor,” an ode to friendship, love, and the love of making music with friends. This track follows “Sugar” and “TVI,” which have already received great admiration as Surf Curse constructs the records blissfully introspective taste via Electric Lady Studios in New York City.

Formed in Reno, NV by Nick Rattigan (lead vocals, drums) and Jacob Rubeck (guitar), Surf Curse drew an elaborate following by exuding with the sounds of their own curiosity warmth felt between each other. With their indie rumination dissolved by a psychedelic awakening, Surf Curse was able to contain that concoction in a punk-rock casing that produced the eventual and very successful “Freaks.” During a time when everyone was searching for a reason to stay afloat, Surf Curse conceptualized feelings that were simply digestible but intricately produced, and with that their 2020 breakthrough led them to not only break-even, but surpass any faltered doubt.

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As their track record upholds, it seemed only fitting that Surf Curse would push the boundaries of their success to divulge an inventive yet familiar sound that is lush in its bitterness and gentle in its diligence. And with previous success in binding deeply echoing reverb with pipingly thin riffs, Magic Hour acts as both an introduction to new members, Noah Kohll and Henry Dillon, and a reintroduction to Surf Curse in their most audacious form.“This album is the excitement of starting something that we all can feel good about with each other,” says Rubeck. “But also progressing as creative people and throwing in that magic. We’re feeling that magic, what’s brewing in the air and what’s existing in what we’re doing together.”

While still maintaining their leniency and hazy melodrama, the band retracted their indie-rock roots to spread them throughout sonic driven soil– creating a record of vivacious maturity which can be effortlessly heard on “Lost Honor.” Written by the band and produced by Chris Coady, “Lost Honor” is equal parts experimental and appreciation–an homage to rock in its purest power.

As they enter a world of garage-rock filled with somber stricken instrumentals, “Lost Honor” very quickly acts as an empathetic hand that’s reminiscent of a love known by all and felt by very few. “This is my love letter to Nick,” says Rubeck. “This song is about fighting for love that feels right. The love inside you that no one can take away. The love I have for making music with Nick after all these years. Every time I look on that stage and see my friends who have become my family, I feel that confetti falling on my head, a celebration of the moment where I can do this once again. To play for people who showed up and came for the songs. It’s always been an honor.”

The quietly hummed poetry breathed between Rubeck and Rattigan transcends but does not overbear, creating a very prevalent distinction between the two working parts–a Surf Curse staple. This technique allows Surf Curse to become as versatile as any love song but not as predictable as the songs heard on the radio. It’s never quite clear what is meant to be on display, who to pay attention to, but that is the point.

Surf Curse, as they pull from the blueprint of rock, have perfected the art of giving each member a chance to display their skills and unmatched brilliance. Between deeply gutted guitar solos that soar beyond repetition and drums that clatter in dissonance but meet in the middle at the finale, “Lost Honor” is both an appreciation of music and an appreciation of each other.

The band has also announced that they will be headed to our cities, near or far, spread across North America starting this fall with two very enticing Halloween inspired shows in Las Vegas and San Diego. Check out the specifics here. If your wallets aren’t in the best shape right now, feel the bands connection through the screen and pre-save Magic Hour here and keep streaming “Lost Honor” here.

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