Beach Bums Share Focus Track “Overcast” Off New LP via Lollipop Records

The certified punks, reigning ironically from the tranquil city of Southern California have released a long-awaited album, with a special focus on their title track, “Overcast“– out now on all streaming platforms. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be submerged in the mayhem of flying limbs, suffocating clouds of sweat, and a fiery breath that singes the ends of your arm hair, just go to a Beach Bums concert and chances are you’ll never feel more safe.

Flowing in the veins of a Beach Bums fan is a gravitation pull towards their erratic yet understandable behavior. It spews its bitter taste of unity through your vessels until it finds its eventual home within your pummeling pulse– always inclusive and always electrifying. In a connective yet coincidental way, the focus track of Overcast takes you on the same trip. With its versatile yet direct approach, the interpretation is up to you in the end– and with that it feels like the song was written for you.

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The genre-defying medley of 808’s, playful auto-tune, metal battering drums, all diluted with a touch of indie solitude, have been unmatched and untethered since their conception. Growing a fan-base that traverses far and wide to experience the chaos up close, Beach Bums focus in writing is not only a string of personal consciousness, but an incandescence that strikes through their fans deepest, hidden thoughts. “Overcast, the album, focuses on the different writing styles that Beach Bums can tackle. To put it simply, this album is the most updated version of the MYCORE concept and sound,” says vocalist Jawn Tang.

Full Overcast Tracklisting:

01. WAR
05. WAIT!
08. comingoutthedarkimsurroundedin
10. ALL4U

While the album is constructed among experimental styles of writing, the title track renders a topic closer to home, whatever home is to you. Tang writes, “‘Overcast,’ the song, was the first song we wrote as the new 5 piece lineup. The song speaks on conflict in a relationship. This can be left to interpretation, meaning you can relate it to friends, family, lovers, enemies, and everything in between.”

As the track commences with a metallic physique, its final form displays elements of wilting, untamed punk-rock. Nostalgic in its warping introduction, there’s a subtly that tastes of the Deftones— belligerently intense yet perfectly anticipated. With dragging vocals that descend from below and meet in the seclusion of a whisper, the break of dissonance separates the track and in turn becomes conversational. Between the mellow reverb and the demonized bellow from down under, its unclear who the voices represent, but as the track continues it’s up to us to decide.

While performative and sinister, “Overcast” invites you into its world and allows you to cast the narrative. Whoever these people may be, giving us an ultimatum, stetching us until we shatter, they are present in this song and Beach Bums wants us to hear that amid the clatter. It’s intended and effective, just like the Bums themselves.

In addition to the album, Beach Bum are setting out to bring the madness to us. Starting September 21st, the band will be hand in hand with  Mexican Slum RatsLoverboyrandoChildren of the Flesh, & more along the west coast. For performance specifics visit here, and check out the dates below.

September 21- Oakland, CA – New Parish
September 22 – Boise, ID – Shredder
September 23 – Portland, OR – Mission Theatre
September 24 – Seattle, WA – Funhouse
September 25 – Vancouver, BC – Red Gate

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