86319962_2496412673941209_5564631500680331264_oSubtronics is already about halfway through his 60+ stop Cyclops Invasion US Tour. This bass and dubstep producer is notorious for his high-energy performances, always re-mixing fan favorites in fun, unique ways to keep the crowd dancing all night. Of course Subtronics made sure to stack his lineup with artists who support the same energy and passion.

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Level Up is a fierce ball of energy, not to be messed with. She opens the night with grime trap to really get the crowd warmed up. Balancing pretty songs perfectly with heavy, hard-hitting dubstep creates an energy that surely keeps you on your toes. She is alluring and fun as she dances right along with her audience, keeping them engaged and excited. Her strong female presence amongst the boys is a big vibe for this tour.


Bommer brings an extra crunchy, deep-hitting sound to the mix. His music quite literally has the essence of bombs being dropped, in the best way possible. Trap beats underly the dubstep and are perfectly synced to a hip-hop music video on repeat behind him. It was very special to see this St. Louis native on the bill for the first time at The Pageant. Everyone brought their stomping boots to fully rock out and support Bommer for his first huge hometown show.


Chee is always a fantastic artist to catch live, as he melds his experimental bass music with world music influence and re-mixing cool hip-hop songs. While he brought a whole new aura about the room with his break from all the heavy dubstep, he still went harder than usual to match the energy of the lineup and keep the momentum going.


HE$H is one of the newer young DJ’s really starting to make a name for himself, as his freshness and authenticity shine through his persona, music, and stage presence. He’s already played big music festivals like Dancefestopia and Excision’s Lost Lands, bringing Bommer up on stage with him frequently. With his unique sound design meshed with dirty south hip-hop, his sets go hard, crunk, and wild. He definitely makes sure he and his audience are having a good time.


There are still about 40 stops left on the Cyclops Invasion Tour, so make sure to catch a show in or near your town! And also give these artists some love by checking out their respective SoundCloud accounts, especially if you’re missing this tour.


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