Today on Valentine’s Day, Justin Bieber drops his 5th studio album, Changes. This album is everything his fans hoped for and more. The artists has dropped a couple of singles before the release of the album and has a bunch of featured artist as well on it. Justin Bieber has struggled with a lot before this album, and he states more than once on the socials this album means a lot to him. He is giving us some music we can bop to and understand how he’s feeling. One of the songs he released before the album drop was, Intentions featured with Quavo. The song is honestly so much fun and makes you want to dance. During the make of this song Bieber also released a music video with it. The music video has Justin Bieber and Quavo dancing with people in the community and shows Bieber giving back to people. 

Justin Bieber is trending worldwide on all the socials and has the No. 1 album on iTunes. He has come back into the industry and giving the fans everything he has. Before the album released he released who would be on the album as well. Returning on a song featured with him is, Travis Scott. The rapper has been on one of Bieber’s albums before and their song together, Second Emotion is amazing. The lyrics talk about infatuation and emotions. Changes is such a masterpiece and the singer seems to be excited to perform it. His voice matches perfectly to every melody and you can tell he put all efforts into this album. Post Malone and Lil Dicky also appear on the album and they’re a perfect fit to this album.

Justin Bieber is also the most streamed artist on the Youtube platform and this album is already expected to go platinum. This album speaks volumes about love, affections, and emotions. Fans have the intake that his wife, Hailey (Baldwin) Bieber is the muse behind this album. Being married and falling in love is probably one of the best things to happen to him. Falling in love can change a lot for a person and make you grow as a person. Bieber defiantly has changed a lot and wanted to share that with the world and his fans. Earlier in the year and the end of 2019 #BIEBER2020 was trending and needless with say he is winning. This album hitting the No. 1 spot all of his studio albums have peaked at No. 1 on iTunes U.S. The singer’s manager Scooter Braun has been a huge part of his life and supported him no matter what. He also shows love to the album dropping and how great of this moment is for Bieber. 

Changes will do great in its new release and the lyrics are nothing short of perfect. This Valentine’s Day will put you into your feelings just like Justin Bieber and all his melodies making you fall in love with this album. The album is everything the “Belieber” fans wanted and he surely delivered. Bieber’s 5th studio album in almost five years is streaming on all platforms, so take a listen to Changes.


Happy Valentine’s Day from Justin Bieber and today at noon the Changes tour will be on sale to the public. Before this tour gets sold out be sure to grab tickets to the tour in a city near you, Justin Bieber: Changes Tour.



Anna Stephens Editor
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Anna Stephens Editor
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