STRAINJER: Lo-Fi’s Newest Electro-Rock Group Release Debut Single ‘Cherry’s Bent’

Cover Art/Cherry’s Bent

Timothy Layn left dance music behind in search of a lyrically driven muse within Brooklyn’s newest rock group, STRAINJER. The multi-instrumentalist and his unabated demand for new spectrums of sound found the melting pot-median, quenching his thirst with their debut single “Cherry’s Bent.” An unconventional myriad of intoxicating vocals spaced between spangled riffs and a pulsing bass.

Released on July 15th, Timothy Layn publicly retracted his roots through “Cherry’s Bent” but left a few seeds in the soil to sprout. As the artist’s artists do, he collected what worked and created something new. The notorious technique has been prevalent in Layn’s psyche since being an outsider was an after school specials cliche, but as Layn grew stranger his passion ran deeper. As a child living in the suburbs, Timothy Layn’s notion of survival was breaking the mold. “Growing up in the ‘burbs I never felt like I really fit in, which is where the name STRAINJER comes from,” he says while discussing the bands conception.

Before STRAINJER Layn found his out through dance music, a form of expression that is left for interpretation–an unexpected outcome of his heroes journey. “I originally moved to NYC to start a band, rather than produce straight dance music. The Golden Pony actually began as a 5 piece electro-rock band, but after some remixes went viral, I decided to pursue dance music and DJing. My true passion is with live vocal based music, and now I feel I have learned enough skills to go back to it and be globally successful.” 

Enter, “Cherry’s Bent,” another appendage off of his line of passion. From the suburbs, to the city, to dance, to rock, every aspect of Layn’s life has been built for this moment and this record–a physical representation of ‘good things take time.’ With signature success in dance music, “Cherry’s Bent” is more than just genre bending. By combining that notorious thumping bass with effervescent vocals, framed within a garage rock blueprint, the record breathes individualism with a hint of familiarity–a familiarity that comes with comfort. Almost addictive in a way, the track makes you want to get up and groove, but the kind of groove that’s not sweaty and delirious rather tranquil and euphoric–giving it the space to be absorbed and enjoyed in a room full of strangers, down a dimly lit highway at 2 am, or pumped through your headphones. It’s malleable for the public but it’s consistent to who the band is becoming, intoxicatingly digestible but infinitely catchy.

Although “Cherry’s Bent” is STRAINJER’s debut, it’s hard to believe they haven’t been riffing in another lifetime. The chemistry between the genres and the playful hints of enjoyment between the bands members makes this feel like they will be off and running sooner than we anticipate, and we’re eager to hear more. But until then, make sure you listen to “Cherry’s Bent” here, now available on all streaming platforms!!

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