Sabrina Carpenter has given the world a brand new highly anticipated album emails i can’t send with 13 full-length tracks. This album is Sabrina’s fifth studio album and her first project with Island Records. The album is raw with real intimate songs, personal lyrics that take you on a passionate vulnerable journey. Every track on this album was inspired by real emails that Sabrina would use as a form of therapy during the awful pandemic. Sabrina tapped into a whole different side to make such a showing strength and progress all combined into one full album. She put her heart out on her sleeve addressing topics such as lying to a therapist, unread messages and anonymous online death threats.

The first track on the album was the song that obviously inspired the album title. “emails i can’t send” is a soft ballad that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Right off the bat we get such honesty from Sabrina. She emphasizes the feeling of disgust as she paints the story of her father/father figure disappointing her. The father figure in Sabrina’s life has left her feeling resentment and affects the way she handles relationships with every guy. She states how she immediately makes them out to be villains. She opens up about how her mom forgave him but she unfortunately couldn’t figure him as easy as her. Starting off the album with such a personal song really helps the listener prepare for the rest of the songs to come. The next track goes from talking about her dad to talking about a crappy ex. This anthem is called “Vicious.” A song where Sabrina really shows how she handles herself when men screw her over. She does everything to maintain their image while they just destroy hers. A classy woman but eventually she needed to clapback and this was the song to do it. “Read your Mind” is a more upbeat tune with Sabrina showcasing different vocal ranges/styles while also shading a guy who thinks Sabrina is a mind reader. Communication is key fellas, don’t waste her time if you don’t have your shit together.

“Tornado Warnings” is where Sabrina openly admits to lying to her therapists about a guy. Sneaking around with said guy knowing that it is bad but just can’t get away from the thrill. The warning is clear as day, stay away! However, Sabrina speaks the truth in the lyrics, just not to her therapist. She knows it is logical to not have this guy on her mind but what’s a girl to do, can’t escape certain feelings. I wonder what her therapist will say after hearing this song, sounds like he’s on to her. Onto the next track that talks about being in the spotlight while liking a boy. “Because i liked a boy” opens up the world of the trouble Sabrina might’ve gotten herself into for liking this particular boy. A feeling she believed to be so innocent has gotten many people to call her names such as home wrecker and the word that rhymes with rut. The harmful aspects of the internet analyzing every single thing a celebrity does. This is Sabrina’s truth, this song is her way of letting the world know what she really felt about everything. “Already over” sounds like the second part of “Tornado Warnings” and explaining how closure is needed to move on. This song was a bop and seems like the most lighthearted so far on the album.

Moving onto the seventh song on the album “how many things,” another softer ballad resonating with the little things that always remind you of that one person. You can never look at a certain item ever again without thinking of that one person you always associate with it. Sabrina has those little things that draw her back to a specific time and place wondering if there is an item that makes the other person think of her. The eighth track is “bet u wanna” and this tune has a seductive sensual vibe. Another song throwing shade but man, does it sound so good. This is a song where you feel like you are an incredible dancer making up the choreography to the beat. “Nonsense” is a fun song talking about how a relationship sometimes just makes you feel ditzy and silly. When a person looks at you and suddenly you feel like you forgot how to speak and your tummy is full of butterflies. “Fast Times” really plays into visuals and descriptive lyrics. A upbeat song with lots of instrumental throughout the entirety of it. “Skinny dipping” is a conversational song again painting a visual and you can really see the scene as you listen. “Bad for Business” speaks on head versus heart in a song. This guy is not good for her reputation and has got to go. Thank u, NEXT! Ending the album with “decode,” which is a great title that really ties into the theme of messages/emails. Sometimes we analyze messages the way we analyze people. There’s a message in there somewhere and you just got to find.

“A lot of it came from the humor side of things. I would be reading it and being like, ‘Oh my god, that’s so terrible, how did I say that?’ Then it would turn into a song. Most of the songs that happened were me going like. ‘Oh my god, I can’t say that,’ and then I say it, but for three minutes.”

Sabrina Carpenter

Overall emails i can’t send was so good and Sabrina did an amazing job at being personable and putting all her emotions out there. Everything was on the table with this album. What you see is what you get. She really took her time with each song and you can hear it as the lyrics play out. Every emotion and message is easily noticeable and placed perfectly in each song, especially with the placement of each track. Her voice is pure and soft, very easy to listen to. One good thing that came out the pandemic was this album. Listen to emails i can’t send down below!

Check out my other article down below that goes more in depth about “Vicious.”

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