“Straight Shooter” is a Slow Jam Acoustic Bop from Jackson Breit

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Sometimes you need a slow jam to get your morning started right, especially on the days when you wake up feeling like you’re already overwhelmed. If that’s the case for you, or if you just appreciate a good slow jam every now and then (or whenever), then Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Jackson Breit has a new single that will tick that box.

Jackson started his music career by building a loyal fan base around his native Virginia Beach and the southeast region of the country. He then strengthened his following while attending Tulane University in New Orleans before moving out to LA upon graduating. He has released a number of original singles over the past few years in addition to a musical short film.

His latest single, “Straight Shooter,” is his first release after signing with Preach Records, who are in partnership with Universal Music Group and Ingrooves. Jackson reveals the inspiration behind the song,

The song is about the day I met my girlfriend, got her number, and then contemplated if I should call immediately or “play it cool” and wait. In other words, did I want to play games or be a straight shooter?

The song starts with pleasant guitar strums and bright harmonizing vocalizations. Jackson starts the lyrics with a sweetly reminiscent tone as he reflects on those very first moments. His soothing tones match the charming lyrics as the dulcet guitar backing maintains an even pace to create a lovely sonic atmosphere. It’s the definition of a slow jam, the kind of song that makes you sway with a steady comfort in your heart.

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