The thing thatg helped me notice how big the show this night is, was the moment when the floor started to vibrate because of the crowd jumping and chanting. ‘Stormzy! Stormzy!’ continuously coming out from crazy fans throats was just a beginning. We decided to join the party and to see this british hip hop phenomenon ourselves just to make sure we know what all the hype is about.

Royal Arena, as it was the place, was totally packed (show was sold out long before the date) and steaming hot when the lights on stage went black. It was the sign that the show is about to start and the crowd went crazy. Stormzy ran onto stage and the crowd got even louder, by this time I have promised myself not to get surprised by what Stormzy fans can do. The show has started for good with the first verses of ‘Big Michael’.

Simple stage with the DJ standing in the back, big main screen behind the DJ and two screens on the side. The beats thrown by DJ one by one were bringing another small explosions of enthusiasm from the fans. Stormzy opened as expected – rhymes were coming out from his lungs with the speed of a machine gun, breaks between the lines were used for his jumping-kicking-dancing thing. He put so much energy in his performance that he was literally soaking sweet after 2 first songs. Energy in the crowd was similarly high – no one in the venue was sitting – the show transformed into a huge party with beers flying in the air and crazy dances between the rows and on the stairs.

Situation on the floor was very similar – the space was completely filled in and you could see that people started to remove their shirts. This sea of people started to break when Stormzy roared from the stage ‘give me this moshpit Copenhagen’ – fans answered immediately dividing themselves with a huge line in the middle and running after a short moment into the opposite bunch of people to join them in ecstatic dance.

British rapper managed to calm the crowd a bit with the slower track ‘First Things First’ only to hit them with another catchy and aggressive beat of ‘One Take’.

The set he presented that evening was super balanced – after getting crazy and releasing all the steam there was another calm moment to let the people regenerate – this time with no lights in the venue and thousand of phone illuminating the place accompanied by Stormzy performing ‘Do Better’ followed by another slow beat of ‘Cigarettes & Cush’. 

Two songs he worked on together with Ed Sheeran – ‘Own It’ and ‘Take Me Back To London’ were as expected accepted with a loud cheer and became a kind of sing along since most of the audience knew it by hard. Stormzy could only smile and sum it up with ‘amazing Copenhagen’ after the tracks were finished.

This has been followed by the first longer speech – Stormzy wasn’t hiding how happy and excited he was to be back in Copenhagen. As most of the fans found out – Copenhagen was a place of his first headlined performance outside of the UK – the show in Pumpehuset in 2015, and it was not the end – this night Royal Arena was the first ever arena show for Stormzy. Denmark loves Stormzy and Stormzy paid back.

After a few more tracks he threw out his shirt since ,as anybody else in the venue, he was completely wet – not a common thing for arena shows. He literally squeezed the rest of energy from himself as well as from the audience with the last two trucks – ‘Big For Your Boots’ and ‘Vossi Bop’ after which he thanked the fans again and left the stage. There was nothing else left for the audience than to leave and move the party to the city.

I have only one thing to add – for the first ever area show Stormzy proved that he belongs to the premier league of hip hop. It is not easy to move more than ten thousand people and make them jump and dance for more than ninety minutes. Stormzy you are a world class performer. Now we do understand the hype. We hope to see you again very soon.


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Coverage by: LCJ

Photos: Kasper Pasinski

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