Sofía Valdés’s “Carbon Copy” Is An Ode To Feeling Easily Replaced By An Ex

Anyone who has ever had an ex who ended up dating someone exactly like them after breaking up will relate with Sofía Valdés’s single, “Carbon Copy.” This angsty ballad full of longing reflects Sofía’s feelings of turmoil as she watches her ex replace her with someone who is a lot like herself. 

Listen to “Carbon Copy” here:

 The Panamanian singer-songwriter further discusses the feelings and scenario the song encapsulates,

“The song is about a breakup and how it can affect one person, but in this particular case he goes off and finds someone who looks just like me. So it’s basically a song about how I came to grips with losing him, but then having to see myself in another person. The grief of losing someone you love is complicated, but the pain and anxiety surrounding seeing yourself in another woman is devastating.”

Sofía’s airy and lilting voice fit perfectly with the light instrumental of the song, placing emphasis on the changes in Sofía’s voice as she sings her heart out to her past lover who seemed to replace her so easily. This is emphasized in the chorus when she sings, “Never thought you’d find somebody/ Somewhat like me/ You went so far to/ Clone my hеart just to find somebody/ A carbon copy.”

The music video for “Carbon Copy”, directed by Satchel Lee (the daughter of Spike Lee), perfectly captures the emotions of the song, as the video alternates between scenes of Sofía wandering down the beach and sitting in her room belting out her sorrows. 

Watch the music video for “Carbon Copy” here:

“Carbon Copy” is one of the songs off of Sofía Valdés’s sophomore EP, In Bloom, which drops today (May 13th), via Warner Records.

Listen to In Bloom here!

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