When Glasse asked me to cover the Sofi Tukker show, I had no knowledge of the act. Quickly after being assigned to the show, other contributors for Glasse started writing me things like “man, I’m so jealous” and “omg, I love Sofi Tukker”.
I thought “what am I missing? Who is this artist?” Well, apparently I’ve been living under a rock. Sofi Tucker is the positive, colorful energy drug our world needs.
I think we can all agree we live in strange times and you don’t have to look far to find darkness. I believe we all want something better, more positive, happier times, more vibrant colors to brighten things up a little.
A Sofi Tukker concert is the answer.
From the neon-colored stage production and clothing to the wildly enthusiastic fans, when you go to a Sofi Tukker show, you’re entering into an experience where all the negatives of the world have to wait outside.
Everyone and I mean everyone is smiling. There is so much energy circulating through the crowd that’s it’s near impossible to just stand and watch. I am not typically the type to start dancing but I simply couldn’t control myself.


Their dance beats are often accompanied by Sofi on guitar and Tukker on keys, bass and electronic screens (go to a show to see). The crowd is fully engaged throughout the entire show, jumping up and down to every song, singing along and helping Sofi stay afloat as she crowd surfs.
DSC06006 (1)
Openers included LP Giobbi and Australian Trio Haiku Hands which primed the audience the night. Haiku Hands’ SXSW showcases earlier in the year must of paid off as the crowd knew all the words to their songs and some fans made their own Haiku Hands masks. These guys are definitely a group you do not want to miss! It was a wonderful night of music and I can safely say that Sofi Tukker and friends absolutely made my entire week!
Photos and review by Hunter Levy
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