“OPEN” unveiled itself as the fourth installment of the ‘Gouldian Finch 4’ compilation, and the artist Slow Magic continues on his journey as a rising electronic expert. With a mission to “highlight the world’s beauty translated through music and visuals,” and 200 million streams under his belt, Slow Magic showcases endless amount of personality and charm, even under his masked persona. “OPEN” is Slow Magic’s debut on bitbird, and there has been nothing but excitement from both sides of the party.

“I’ve been a fan of San Holo and bitbird for a long time! After meeting and playing some shows with San Holo and getting to know some of the bitbird crew, it means a ton to be working together.”

~ Slow Magic

The track contains a faced paced beat, and provides the perfect opportunity to unwind and relish in the harmony of the different instruments mingling together. Struggling with the effects of the pandemic and being stuck inside, this feeling matches flawlessly with Slow Magic’s original inspiration, being escapism and the unwavering desire for freedom. The drums hold the melody in the track, and is wonderfully paired along with a spirited piano and synth cords. “OPEN” and the ‘Golden Finch 4’ compilation is ultimately meant to provide a definition for “forever,” music that is meant to last, and Slow Magic stays true in honoring this motto.

“Being stuck inside and unable to play music for over a year has been a huge struggle for me. This song came out of this time but reflects the escape of a much more free and open life. I think that it’s important to try to make something out of bad situations. This song is an example of that.”

~ Slow Magic

Take your first listen to “OPEN” here. Slow Magic is currently underway with a 10 Year Anniversary World Tour, which you can view the upcoming dates and locations for here. Currently it is U.S. centric, but an expansive list of 20 European venues are planned to be announced relatively soon.

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