Dancing violinist Lindsey Stirling has released beautifully orchestrated pieces over the last decade, but what really has set her apart in the classical music industry is not only her unique twist to the dance and electronic genre, but the incredible visuals in her videos and dances in live performances.

The album, Artemis, paired with a series of music videos, coincide with a comic book series she has been writing over the last year. As a modern and fantastical dystopian retelling of the Greek moon goddess, we journey through the story with her musical and visual talents.

“Between Twilight” displays this skill set beautifully as one of the songs from her latest album, which so far has been the most visually stunning to date conceptually. In “Between Twilight,” the music and video are set to capture Artemis and Orion falling in love, featuring fantastic choreography with collaborator Derek Hough, and whimsical visuals.

Starting with Lindsey starring as the main character, Artemis plays violin by herself in the dark, until a glow catches her eye, and flutters off. She follows it until she encounters Orion, who was watching her play in the distance. The two then pair up for a dance together for the remainder of the song, then wander into the woods holding hands.

Over the last decade of music videos with Lindsey Stirling, she has evolved even further beyond simply dancing; she captures a story with relevant and personal meaning to her to help her fans through their own struggles.

Another incredible thing about Lindsey is how open she is about facing her own mental illness; anxiety and depression has been a challenge for her throughout her life, but she takes it on with a stride of confidence and is not afraid to be vulnerable about her struggles. And in being so open, she has offered a space for her fans to find even more comfort in her work, knowing what she has accomplished despite facing all the challenges she has, because as she says, she chooses to not let it define her life.

Lindsey Stirling wrote the album to cover the story of Artemis as a reflection of the challenges she faces in her life. Just because you are covered up in shadow sometimes in life, it does not mean you cannot shine brightly in the dark. Stream the album HERE.

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